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  • Hello dear captain i am in need of your insight if that is possible i do not know where i am going with my college courses at the moment not really sure that's what i want to be doing, and kind of in a slump about it. I have kind of gotten into some things and that have changed what i wanted to do in the first place, know i am a little Jumbled thinking about work and college is alot on my mind, and thinking about getting into work but not sure what to do about that. Id love it if you had any advice or insight you could offer, if you have the time and of course if your willing.

    Love and Light Bee Xx 🙂

  • I really feel the need for you to work with animals and nature or be around them for a great deal of your life as it will help balance you out in regards to your difficult interactions with humans. You will find animals much easier to relate to and more sympathetic. You might want to find a job or career that brings you into contact with animals as I feel they will have a very beneficial effect on your nerves and your life. Any sort of work with nature will balance you, in fact - such as as a florist or landscape gardener for example.

  • that's interesting thank you, its just in college i have been feeling really tired knowing now that i am psychic too and trying to learn as much as i can to help myself with the spirituality path. I find it difficult working in an environment full of people they seem to drain my energy too much, and i feel very overwhelmed at times. it takes a lot out of me and i do practice grounding and such but doesn't always work. Do you see me in any kind of job like that at all? or learning about something like that.

    Thank you for your insight. I Do appreciate it. Id also like a little help on my spiritual path too any insight on what i could do to make myself connect to my higher self a little more easier?

    Love and light Bee Xx 🙂

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  • I do believe you should pursue that line of work because if you take a job where you are around too many people, you will feel constantly drained. You have this tendency to be deeply by the negativity in other people so you need to balance this out with the positive healing of nature and a natural way of life. Also avoid people who are very negative-minded even if you do feel drawn to them. You must fight this tendency you have to be attracted to other people's dark side.

  • That should be - 'You have this tendency to be deeply affected by the negativity in other people...'

  • Oh, thank you Captain, guess your right there 🙂 do you have any way's i could let my spirituality grow i have been reading loads into it and watching videos and such. I know my home is covered with negativity but i cant help living here right now. Its okay for the moment. Until i find myself a job and such, i am just a little bit lost as i dont really know what area to search for. I like writing a lot as i love to read and have written stuff ever since i was young, be that poetry or short stories or my own made up ones. I know i love nature and animals but i feel it maybe a little bit too late to get into all of that and even if i did i would have no idea what type of work will interest me. At the moment i am studying health and social in my college and work skills and all that. Its interesting i thought i wanted to be someone to care for older frail people but i am not sure. i was thinking counselor too, but then people probably not a very good idea.

    i Cant always tell if the people are negative, but if i get my spiritual path right way i maybe able to help myself help others too. I would so appreciate any advice for heading up further on the spirituality path, like if i am on the right track or what else i need to do if i am not.

    Love and light Bee Xx 🙂

  • If you are surrounded in your home by negativity, either get away as often as you can into nature or build a haven of positivity in your bedroom with positive happy images on the walls and positive music filling the air. Plants, crystals, and windchimes - things that are natural - can bring the outside inside for you. Regularly cleanse the atmosphere with burning incense, such as sage.

    Writing would be a good path to follow as you could stay away from humans a lot. Maybe you could write stories about nature and animals? Maybe get a job as a dog-walker or animal minder?

  • Thank you captain i do try to do that at the moment with inscence and stuff like that, like your idea of windchimes and posters and images on the wall thankyou for your help i was thinking dog-walked in my mind before you wrote. which was a little weird but cool 🙂

    I was wondering if you could still lend some advice for the spirituality path i am taking, I know your well into it at the moment and have proberbly been for awhile. I am just interesting in hearing what you have to say about that. Thankyou for information on the bedroom thing without my room now i know i wouldn't be happy and proberbly would have moved away quicker.

    Also i am still having some trouble with understanding my relationship with my lady friend, know one has really answered my questions about her fully, and i feel that i have waited too long to find out. I have found out little bits whilst i visit her, and such. But the fact that i am still thinking about her even know after all i know is a little freaking me out.

    I dream about her often too, even knowing about her family and that its just a little weird, and i dont understand it. Would you beable to help me with this? I know some reasons why she doesn't overally talk to me much outside from seeing her knowing yes she is busy, but still have that thought of it in the back of my mind all the time. I Also know about the whole soul mate thing but it feels like there is something still missing that i am not seeing!

    i Dont want to ask you unless your okay with me talking to you about it, and weather your willing to answer some of my questions i keep having brought up in my mind. I would be forever grateful Let me know please. of course any insight you have without me asking questions would be good too. if you need the birthday again just ask 🙂

    Love and Light many blessings Bee Xx

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  • I think your obsession with your friend comes from the fact that you admire her and want to be like her. So it is not a bad thing in that regard that you think of her a lot. But try to focus on seeing her strengths and good points more, and how she deals with the world, so that you can replicate her methods.

    Regarding spirituality, I think it's different for everyone. But you can be spiritual when everyone and everything around you seems to be very materialistic. It just depends where you place your focus. It will get easier this year because the side of Light has won the 'war;' and is now running the show their way. People who are too focused on possessions (or see people as possessions) and ego will undergo some radical changes in view due to the lessons that are coming to them. For me, it's a matter of perspective - what matters most and lasts longest? Your body or your soul?

  • Oh that does make a little sense now captain, thanks for helping me i do appreciate it, i guess that is defiantly a question to dwell on also 🙂

    I guess i just have to follow my gut instincts for the rest of it. Thanks again so much Captain i am glad to have met you hear on the forum.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Captain, I having some worries at the moment, i was wondering if you sense anything health isues for me at the moment? As i am worrying a little about this. Not sure what to do about it, weather i should consult a doctor or weather it is just me worrying- cause of anxiety and all that. I did just want to check it with you, if you can pick up anything? Or at least the issue that is worrying me.

    Id rather not say what it is out here. 🙂 Guessing you would understand. Thankyou If you can.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • I feel your nutrition is not what it should be and that it is affecting your whole health system. Think of it this way: whatever you put into your body becomes you.

  • Okay thankyou- can you suggest what types of food i should be eating? I am willing to try, if it makes me feel better. I kind of become a little lazy with my foods, and espeacially drinking. I do have habits like we all do, but i dont mind adding things and cutting down on things to make myself feel better, any advice from you is greatly appreciated. Not an expert with foods- and nutritional ones so you may have to add a few that i perhaps will beable to get a hold of. I will let my mum know too, so i can feel like i am trying. As she does the shopping LOL.

    Love and Light Bee Xx 🙂

  • You should definitely stay away from alcohol and sugar drinks - you body doesn't handle unnatural substances very well. Drink a lot of water and stick mostly to fruit and vegetables. A little white meat is OK but red meat has a very bad effect on your system.

  • thankyou- heehe i dont drink alchol never have really, but i do drink too many sugar drinks. I will try and stick to water and fruit juice. red meat? you will have to let me know what animal is red meat type. i get very confused with these things. I will try my best with eating more fruit and veg, I need to eat more of those anyways. Its getting harder and harder as i tend to get distracted or overwhelmed by emotions i turn to chocolate for a comfort sometimes, and well you know comfort foods.

    I do as much exercise as i can inbetween i dont tend to put on any weight, but i like to lose and gain it at the same time. Little bit weird but oh well. I hope i can change things around a little. Thanks again for your time.

    Love and light Bee Xx

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  • Only eat chicken and fish - everything else is 'red' meat, even pork. Make sure you choose natural products and as much unprocessed food as possible. The more 'unnatural' your food, the more un- natural you become. For you, the natural world is your haven in all ways.

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