Calling any psychic help on my cancer dilemma please

  • Two years ago I met back up with my junior high crush, who at the time told me he was single with 3 kids and he has parkinsons disease. We are in our late 30's his dob 6-22-73 mine is 8-1-74. We began plans to get a house together, and start a life. Throughout our relationship there have been other women that claim a long time relationship with him, but all were found to be just friends or women he refused their advances for more, although finally in one argument he admitted that in the first month we were together because he was unsure he did physically cheat with another woman with whom he had been dating before me.

    10 months into our relationship his mother calls me telling me he is a happily married man, he claimed yes he was married but i t was a contractual agreement and that it was only on paper and he had never been intimate with her and as soon as she got her immigration they would divorce. I have pushed for the divorce and he agreed to start proceedings, he purchased some land that was to be an investment on our home together after he fixed it up and resold it for more than it's value.

    Until about 2 months ago it seemed he had gotten over his "jitters" and was really putting effort into US, then one day almost a month to the day ago, I asked to use his cell phone to call and see if my son had to stay after school or went home and he said I had to use a payphone, I responded with I have never gone through your things what is your problem at which point he yelled "you will never have access to my phone" Angry Hurt Confused and Suspicious I figured out the pin to his voicemail and checked it. 6 numbers from women calling him baby, I left a seperate greeting to each of those numbers so that only they would receive it when they called my name my purpose and my phone number, His wife called me back. She is american, no immigration papers to wait for, however something still isn't right there for 2 years she has lived in another state 3000 miles away but while talking to me she gave that away she was waiting on his VA benefits to come thru and then divorce him. She told me I was not the only woman she had ever had to talk to but that I was the only one that he had slept with and actually made plans with. She tried to tell me dimensia, a late symptom of parkinsons was the reason he went so elaborate with me, but I know he really did want something more with me, we have known each other since we were 12, after his military training he went to my parents house looking for me but I had already moved away with my child's anyway I have noticed in the last couple of months he has gotten confused but it didn't seem that it was major.......he and I were still trying to work out a future and him a divorce although he did say he wasn't sure how he felt about me or her and then we got into this huge fight and havent spoken until 2 weeks ago. He says the doctors say his dementia has progressed, but I notice he forgets only what has just happened and remembers in quite good detail other things. He started to tell me he loves me several times and I told him not to say it if he was not sure, but that it was ok because I love him. We talk everyday now for the last week and a half, we kinda keep it light and short but he has expressed interest in maybe trying at an US later when he gets everything sorted out healthwise and relationship wise. The wife said he was moving with her out of state but he enrolled in school with me yesterday.

    Is there any hope for us? He has always been a good kind person since we were young, and he has been through alot more than I can put here, he has also put me through a lot but I feel had I known a bit more what was going on we could have worked through it together.

    sorry this is so long but any advice or thoughts or intuit would be most welcome.

  • oh I completely forgot about the land he purchased as an investment, turns out a house is being built on it for his mother.......I know he started with a lie and they just kept compounding and he didn't know how to get out of it and between me his mother his wife he had absolutely no room to sort this out in his own head........he is not a bad person for this, I did get badly hurt, but I feel he did love me with all his heart and honestly did not try to hurt me. I have never felt like I could completely forgive someone and continue a relationship the way it should be until him.

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