Will I ever find happiness?

  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting here. After over 20 years together my ex husband and I divorced 5 years ago. He was the first guy I had ever dated. During our marriage, I did everything I cooked, I cleaned, I did everything he could have possibly wanted, but yet he cheated and was abusive. So finally I left. Since then I have just been so unlucky in everything not just in love but in my professional life as well. When I first left my husband I met a guy he seemed sweet but just used me for what I could help him with, I was heartbroken when I found out he had moved in with another woman.

    After that I met another guy. Things were going wonderfully until one day I found out he was getting married he had some sort of arranged marriage that he was honoring. That had to be the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. He got married he and his wife live on two different continents. We still speak occasionally and I just never loved anyone like I loved him but I understand it was necessary to let go.

    I had a friend who after the end of that relationship he was a shoulder to cry on after a few months he confessed romantic feelings but nothing ever came of that because I really didn't feel the same.

    In late summer last year I met and started dating another guy. It was going really well. Although he seemed to have massive insecurity and too much pride which while it seemes like a contradiction created a lot of silly arguments. We split up recently and I am hurt. He asked me to move in and I am just somewhat confused. Why have I had such horrible luck. Can someone tell me if they see any changes in my life for this upcoming year. I just so need a bit of happiness, it has been so long.

  • This is not about luck! It is not outside you it is you not aware of what attracts to you and how you are unable to have boundries. Being in abusive relationships is not about being a victim forced into that situation but more of you being attracted to abusers. Untill you heal yourself you cannot attract a healed partner. You need to stay away from dating for awhile and court yourself--set the bar. The men who come into your life reflect your boundries and how you love yourself. Getting counseling will save you a lot of time! BLESSINGS--you deserve better!

    It is good to feel safe it is safe to feel good! you are loved!

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