Need Help with Scorpio- Surprised!

  • I have been in an intimate relationship for about 7 months with a Scorpio male. I am a Libra with a Taurus moon. He is Scorpio/Scorpio. We have known one an other for many years but not close until recently. I need to mention that we are both in our 50's. He likes to hang out with a crowd in our town of 20 and 30 somethings. Mostly just 2 of them, but one is a woman in her 30's who he says is "his friend". When he is out with them he will not answer my calls, typical. I also must mention that he has had a relationship with her in the past. So I asked if they are friends with benefits? He would not answer me. I was so fed up that I told him we are done. I am looking for a committed relationship. We have been getting along ok, but he has dated almost the whole town. I find it hard to trust him at this point. Miss him a lot. I saw him while driving and he gave me the classic Scorpion stare down...We are neighbors and I have left messages asking him to talk, but now I'm done. I feel used and cheated. I need to mention that for the past months I have cooked for him and we had great sex. He really never wanted to go out a socialize with me. I find it weird that he would not ask me to join him and his friends. I am a Libra and like to socialize. He keeps that part of his life from me. From what I've read I need to move on and maybe I can hope to be at least civil neighbors. I think he goes to the dark side a lot and am now being told that they do drugs together....I'm not into that ....I think I made a huge mistake? In public he comes off like "joe cool" makes everyone laugh and is a huge flirt. I have witnessed him undressing a waitress with his eyes at a local pub... Help!

  • I also need to add that he pursued me. We have been friend for years.. I have known him since the 4th grade...I moved away and now am back in my home town. He has dated many women that I know or did know. In typical Scorpio style he never really cuts the cord, so he has a chance to go back for more when he needs it. I do need to mention that we have had many great times and connect at a very high level when he's not on the "dark side". I have asked about him about cheating and he says he hates women that cheat, but never really comes clean about himself. I may have prejudged him and this younger woman, but come on!...

  • You jusy gave every reason to move on...

    You have all the answers within you...

    Just try to have the self control to move on adn leave him behind in the dust honey..

    He may even like it when you do...but if you let him back in that he will go back to his same patterns...

    You sound like a good woman..who like to give of herself....just save it for someone who will give some of the same back to ya...and appreciate all you do for him.

    This man isnt going to change..its one thing to be set in your when you add him not even wanting to change..well...its obvious...

    There are men out there who you will have great S*X with a great connection + emotional connection..committment..communication..loyalty...etc.etc.

    Its easier to meet the right person when you close that other door first I think.


  • Thanks Bes,

    I appreciate your words...Thanks for a clear perspective, I needed that. Have a great day.

    Again Thanks for responding.


  • You are most welcome Jane,

    I know it's hard to not judge by a persons signs...but him being Scorpio has nothing to do with it..

    I have dated several...they have all been very loyal people..

    My boyfriend now is Scorp too and he is the exact opposite of how you described this guy.

    There is someone out there for u...dont let that one cast a shadow upon u

    Be happy my friend always!

  • When people say they love someone who treats them badly, they are more in love with the dream of perfection they wish their partner could be, and not the real version that they have in their life right now.

  • Well said captain...I have done that many times myself

  • Don't we all? It's true that beneath all the outer material skin, we are all perfect and God-like. That may be what we sense. But it is the outer skin that is not so perfect that we have to deal with in daily life.

  • Thank you Captain!. Reality check for me. I will meditate on that for today and try to get real:).

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