Taurus silence - ADVICE!?!?

  • So i've been talking to this taurus guy recently. Prob about 2 weeks. We've met up twice. Both times he has been very decent and gentlemanly and hasnt tried to sleep with me although if I gave the oportunity, we prob would have. Both times he was very cuddly, affectionate, hugging me, kissing me, holding my hand, rubbing his cheek against mine etc etc. He slept over my place the second time we met up and he spooned me all night, didnt let me out of his grasp, when id wriggle out of it, he'd find me again and drag me closer to him. It was very sweet and cute and I havent had a guy be that affectionate so soon in a very long time.

    Anyway, he texts me here and there and mostly always ends his texts with a "x". He is a chef and works long hours and the only day he has off is sundays. This week he had 4 days off he told me he had those days off.. i told him if he'd be letting me see him at least once during those 4 days and he replied "you know it x". I told him I wanted to see him the following day and we were talking over IM. He was pretty much ignoring me said he was watching a movie and was using his iphone so it was lagging. Anyway I text him once, no reply. I text him a second time saying that I wanted to see him the next day and if he was free to let me know mr too good to reply to my texts. Nothing. Didnt hear from him.

    He seemed pretty interested before the ignoring happened. I know he found me attractive because the first time we met up he said I was "stunning" and then I was complaining about my stomach and that I wanted it to be more flat and he said to leave it how it was because it was cute and he liked it like that and he flirts here and there but subtly... physically his all there. Is this common taurus man behaviour? ignoring?

    I havent contacted him and dont plan to and just wait for him to come to me... im going to give it another 3 days and see if he comes back.. if not then i'll send him a "how you been" text and go from there. I dont want to leave it too long without contacting him because he might think im not interested...

    Is he not interested? is this normal behaviour? whats his problem?

  • Taurus men do like their women to be well-rounded and cuddly and they adore giving and receiving affection. They also like to be the boss so if you try to push him around or try and make him move when he doesn't want to or do all the talking and organizing, he will get upset. Don't ever try to rush a Taurus - they like to take their time making a decision. Any impatience or aggression in you will scare him off. If you really want to have a relationship with him, you must hold off and let him do the 'hunting'. Wait until he contacts you.

  • Well i've sent him two texts since I posted the first post... I think its safe to say his no longer interested and isnt coming back?

    Just want some re assurance so I can close this chapter. 🙂

  • Yes, he felt like you were pushing him to do things he didn't want to do. His interest has waned and also he has been very busy at work. I do feel he may come back around again if you don't contact him. But I don't feel you two are very well suited.

  • Captain: my last text (and I only text him twice during his dissapearance was sunday night) and I said this: well I basically just told him that I thought we were all good and I didntknow why he was ignoring me but if he didnt want to speak to me anymore to just let me know and not to ignore me, he had been on my mind for the last couple of days and i wanted to see if he was alright. That i was hoping to hear back from him and if he didnt want to speak let me know instead of ignoring.

    That was sunday night, he text me monday arvo saying:

    "hey you its ...... how ya been I havent been ignoring you just had no credit and been flat out at work hope your all good??"

    I havent replied... I just want to keep him "around" so to speak... I dont want to rush him but I want to be his friend and hang out with him here and there. How do I go about this now, what are your views?

    Thanks for your replies also! much appreciated! 🙂

  • Just reply to him with something short but pleasant - like "I'm OK. Been working hard too." and leave it at that - no asking him if he wants to go out or trying to push him into seeing you. Leave the ball in his court.

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