Cancer Phone?

  • Havent been on the forum for quite some time! But have a ? for all Please answer it will help me figure out this cancer man.

    Situation: Met a cancer man online spoke on the phone and met last week. Lately I've been calling him. Whenever I do he talks about his emotions and how he's been thinking of me He asked if he can visit my Mom. He's usually the one who ends the phone call with I'll call you right back. Nope never does. So I end up the one calling him the next day then he's back to telling me how much he likes me. Hmmm does he really like me or is he playing a game. By the way on the first meet he gave me a glass swan andin our conversation last night he says he has another swan to give me. Aaargh Help I dont understand what he's doing!

    Any insight on cancer males would be very helpful!

  • Hi carame11o : )

    I don't know, but the situation doesn't sound too strange to me, cancer or otherwise. Remember, that online dating is very different from traditional dating. They are a buffet of sorts for men and he is likely talking to other people (as you should be to). Not so say he is untrustworthy, but you only met a week ago and haven't really entered the "expected daily conversation stage." Another problem is you say "you call him," by calling him you really aren't giving him the opportunity to call you. Not to say you should never call, but at this stage he should really be the one initiating most of the contact so you can get an idea of his communication style. I would pull back on the phone calls and let him come to you if/when he's ready.

  • im not sure if this is a cancer male thing. I know for certain they are reputed the most confusing sign in the zodiac. I have my issues with one as we speak. But I doubt its a game. No doubt how he handles himself. I would find the fact that he keeps promising to do something he doesnt do annoying to be honest. Ask him what the swan means to him...but casually " whats up with the swan". But don't take him too seriously right now until its time to and you'll know when. The time to take him seriously is when he doesnt make you feel anxious enough to post on a forum! Good luck!

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