• Why is it that anytime I am with someone I feel some kind of jealousy over their ex or someone they once if I cannot stand the thought of them having feelings (whether past or present feelings) for anyone but me???? It's like I HAVE to be the ONE to them..stupid I know.

    Does anyone else have that problem?

    Its terrible and I dont want to be this way..I know its wrong. I have had long relationships with people who I still love..yet don't wish to be with and am not IN love with anymore..I feel fine about I cant understand why I feel that JEALOUSY.

    Any answers on how to overcome something like this?

    I know my venus in scorpio plays a role..but there has to be some kind of way around this.


  • It sounds like you have some sort of subconscious insecurity where you feel you are not good enough. You wish that people you are not even remotely interested in anymore will nevertheless have been so impacted by you that they will never want anyone else. You want to feel that you are so unique and amazing, but deep down you fear this is not at all true and that you will be forgotten in time, proving that you are not a valuable, inspired or unique person as you fear. This insecurity probably started in childhood when someone made you feel forgettable.

  • Well I definitely have some issues from childhood...which makes sense..

    It really sucks because I am not "jealous" person in general....It's as if I cannot deal with the fact that another person once affected the heart of the person I am with....

    Maybe I am scared that they will never feel that strongly for me?

    It's all pretty ridiculous and I know I need to work on this..I would be a happier person if I overcame this type of thinking.

    Thanks so much Captain...

  • It's not ridiculous - these feelings came from somewhere, from some trauma or situation that made you feel worthless. Whatever it was, it was not your fault as you were an innocent child and some adult was probably having a bad day or a bad life, not realising how they were hurting you. Forgive them for their ignorance - you are indeed a valuable human being.

  • And once you start feeling better about yourself, the jealousy will vanish. You won't need anyone else to make you feel good.

  • Captain....I had a phenomenol chart reading...which describes all these issues in detail...I pretty much knew it had to stem from my childhood because my Mothers relationships...and what I saw growing least I am conscious of this all so that I can start to work on these issues and healing.

    Youre so kind thank you dearly!

  • Good luck to you!

  • Thank you again!

    Can you do a compatibility readin for me and the one I am with?

    Im 12/19/83 and he is 11/12/91

  • This relationship focuses not only on dreaming up new ideas and methods of communication but on how best to disseminate such ideas. As a pair, you two are never happier than when starting up new endeavours. This is not to imply that you are poor at sticking to your projects: in fact, your maintenance skills can also be outstanding. Perhaps however, this is because you often look on maintenance as an opportunity not only to keep things running smoothly but also to start up countless new projects, perhaps spin-offs of the original. Once you begin something together, it can become self-perpetuating and practically neverending.

    Marriage and career are often interwoven in this relationship. Since both of you totally involve yourselves in everything you do, you are comfortable with a relationship that gives you the opportunity to spend most of your time together, or working in related projects. The condition of your home is likely to reflect your business attitudes and vice versa, so that by examining the state of either, it is easy to make a guess about the other. This relationship is often dominated by drives tioward power, status, and money. Care should be taken to balance such drives with an ethical, religious or spiritual orientation. Children of such a marriage should not be raised to believe they are any better than anyone else.

    A love affair here can be intense. You and your partner (who can be both charming but very mainpulative) both have unusual ideas and dreams, but have a difficulty communicating to others. If the relationship lacks the focus of a common goal, it can burn out quickly or simply fade away due to lack of interest. Friendship can be a bit dark-sided - you two may enjoy an attraction to horror films and books/tales of the supernatural and science fiction. Obsessive interest in such subjects could have a deleterious effect on your psychological stabilty and could also isolate you two from people around you who simply don't understand. Obsessive tendencies certainly can abound in any relationship type here so great care must be taken to avoid them. You may need to take a break from each other occasionally to regain your equilibrium.

  • Thank you soooooooooo sooo much!

    Captain you are so giving of your time and wisdom and I appreciate you so very much.

    The relationship is indeed intense...and we are both in the art field...and will probably be getting involved in some things together soon... WOW.

    I will head the advice in your interpretation as well.

    Thank you my friend 🙂

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