Sort of lost.

  • I am so conflicted. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years but things have been different. We do not spend as much time as we used together and I am wondering if this means it is time to let go? I finished school over a year ago and still cannot find a job will this change soon. I would love to have a reading maybe someone can sort of tell me what to expect in 2011. Any input would be greatly appreciated

  • You two are very similar in many ways and this was probably what attracted you at first, but now you are a bit tired of that sameness, and are both wanting to break out and meet new people and have new adventures. I feel there has been a lot of struggle in the relationship as neither of you really likes other people to do things for you, being quite self-sufficient and independent as you are. I don't feel this will last for the long haul.

  • What type of caeer or job are you looking for?

  • there has been lots of struggle in the relationship. I love him and when I ask if he wants us to take a break he says no he doesn't want to be with anyone else. So I have no idea. I am looking for a job in advertising or public relations.

  • What's your birthdate?

  • My birthday is April 12

  • Year?

  • 1984

  • According to your astrological profile and your numerology, you will prosper in the professions of selling, writing, teaching, and communication in all forms because of your ability (when you listen) to tune in to the specific thought process of others and supply information that allows them to view problems from an expanded perspective. Gifted in the areas of philosophy and religion, with an innate awareness of ethics and morality, you can use your natural talents to connect with others on a daily basis and understand their thinking without losing your own truth, from which you express yourself. By virtue of your creativity and presence, you have the energy, independent spirit, and inspiration to be an inventor, artist, athlete, pioneer, or leader. A natural networker who enjoys many contacts, you represent the paradox of the strong individual who is also here to serve the larger good of the community. Many like you often find their hobbies and leisure-time activities more interesting than their principal profession - you may turn some enjoyable pastime into a career or you may have a steady job but put most of your energy and attention into your time away from it..

    Financially you can attract money because money is a form of energy and 'like attracts like' - as your creative energy flows, so will your abundance. To achieve the security that is so important to you, you must work and remain in the positive - any insecurity, self-pity, depression, stubbornly wanting to do things your way, or feelings of lack will not help you. Becoming master of your own destiny involves mastering your own thoughts. Your naturally buoyant spirit, highly motivated atttiude, and powers of social persuasion should help you here. As you focus on creative service, money will come naturally. Your intuition is your greatest strength and objectivity your best friend. Stubbornness can be your greatest failing.

  • thank you. I had the worst year ever last year and I just hope that this year is better.

  • 2011 for you is a very important year when you will be called upon to give your services to humanity. People with your particular life path number are usually happy in the service of others. They are drawn to careers in: government both local and national, social work, and all areas of the Medical field.

    In 2011, you will be most effective when you work with large groups of people who need your help. You can be a true humanitarian this year, and will enjoy life most when you are helping others. Nature will call you strongly at times and you may feel the need to put your hands in the dirt to create the grounding that you require. When you are at full strength, others will feel comfortable around you, and look to you for healing. KEYWORDS: Productivity, caring, healing, strength, energy, light, compassion, truth, seeking, nature, animals, awareness, promotion, potential, romance, soul.

    Things You'll Need in 2011:

    • Patience

    • An education

    • Tact

    • Time to relax and have fun

  • I was actually going to enroll into a nursing program. Although I went to college I find my degree to be somewhat useless so I actually was thinking of enrolling I also recently received a job offer to work with the mentally disabled. I just hope my life is on the upswing. Thank you so much for your help

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