Meditation from The Goddess of Creation

  • a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    A New Year, A More Blended You

    Last year was a particularly intense year. People felt this in many different ways, but for many as a life filled with instability. Part of the reason for that was the influx of very intense crystalline and higher vibrational energies. As 2011unfolds, the energy coming in will be anchoring into what is already here; therefore, it won’t feel like such a diverse energy.

    At the beginning, the Goddess spoke of the energies and what she sees happening over all with the collective consciousness of the earth. From there, as we experienced the journey it was very much about finding a greater alignment within. She spoke of how so many people wondered why they didn’t manifest what they were seeking to have. In looking at that, she assisted people in shifting through what no longer works for us.

    First of all she looked at abundance. She assisted in shifting out any sense of lack or constriction. Abundance comes in many different forms, so as we worked through it all, she suggested people create a scent, an image, a feeling or something that represented abundance. Then, as people move through their day, they can bring up that ‘image’ and it will instantly take them back into the moment.

    She next had everyone look at relationships. This one was particularly intense because she showed how all relationships begin within you. So much of this part was about creating a greater alignment to your divinity. Once this was complete, as one looked out towards the relationships they seek to manifest, it came from a very different vibration.

    Lastly she had people look at their physical body. In this manner she stated anything happening in your physical body can be shifted or transitioned. She spoke of healing illnesses, changes in weight, accepting the physical for what it is; the essential part of being human! It’s as if everyone’s cellular structure shifted with this alignment.

    Through all of this, the focus was truly on moving forward and creating through what we DO want rather than what we don’t. It’s filled with energy and transformation.


    Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

    I greet you my beloved family. I reach out in joy and in celebration to each one of you as you are starting this New Year here upon the Earth.

    So many of you have begun to feel as if one year blends in with the next. Perhaps you have felt as if some years are more turbulent than other years, but each time the calendar rolls around and you roll into a new year, there is always a new potential or a new opportunity here and available to you.

    In any day in your life you always have those opportunities; you can always create change. You can always bring in whatever it is that you may seek to have.

    But when you have the collective consciousness of the entire world focusing upon a new day, a new year, a new opportunity, it creates a wave of energy that is even more powerful than any one time that you may be linking and seeking to have change in your life.

    So I invite you in this moment as you are here still grounded on your Earth plane to reach out to that flow of potential; reach out to that energy and gather it into you, bring it back in as if you are drawing it around yourself.

    And I flow even more of that through each one of you so that it will amplify whatever it is that you are seeking.

    There are some changes that are coming into the world this year; some of it is based upon what happened last year with the influx of energy, with the opening of the star gates, with the increased amount of crystalline or lightbody energy that is coming into the Earth.

    All of that and even more is available to you as you seek to manifest or create your intention for this year. If there is one over-riding sense or feeling from last year it was of struggle; it was of a feeling of transition that was sometimes overwhelming for you.

    Let’s bring that all up, whatever it may be, and take this as an opportunity to acknowledge it. It was there, it was a part of your life, but then breathe in and breathe out and just let it go.

    Phew, I saw like a wave release from this whole group and it just flowed away from everybody. So we will start this journey tonight with a clean slate, as if from scratch.

    I invite you to take in a breath where you breathe deeply all the way down, moving through your heart center going all the way down in your abdomen. And send that breath all the way down into the Earth so that you can feel yourself anchoring, so that you can feel the energies of the Earth flowing up within you.

    As you do this you can let your consciousness be released. As if you are opening the doors of your head center or your heart center or any part of you; open up and allow your consciousness and your focus to move into the magnetic grid.

    As you move within this space feel what it is to align with your higher self. As you allow this to take place you feel how your consciousness expands and you take in all that is here.

    As you are ready to do so, have a sense of letting your focus shift even further. You move through the interlocking pathways and you move into the crystalline grid. As you let go the magnetic pull of the Earth you can truly feel that crystalline vibration. You feel the energies as they move within and around your consciousness.

    Allow yourself to feel what this space is for you. The crystalline grid has undergone an immense transformation in just the past year. As you allow your consciousness to merge with this space, feel the difference for yourself. Feel how there is truly a support mechanism here for you.

    The vibration moves through your consciousness in such a way that it creates an energy of alignment and transformation. I invite you to release that essence and have a sense of shifting into the soul plane. As you find your energies moving within this space look around for your I Am presence.

    You may feel it coming up from within your consciousness. You may have a sense of walking towards one another until you reach out and embrace your divinity. As you reach out for this alignment, feel how your consciousness expands even further. Allow yourself to feel the immense flow of your divinity.

    As you feel it moving through you allow yourself to let go of any tension or stress that you may have had. Allow yourself to truly feel the support of this space. This is you; this is your divinity. And the love flowing through it into you is immense.

    I the Goddess now come here within this space. I reach out to each one of you and I embrace who you are as your consciousness and as your divinity. As my energy merges with yours you feel yourself shifting into the All That Is.

    As you come into this space let your energies flow free; let yourself expand as much as you would like. There is such love, there is such awareness present here within this space for you.

    As you allow your focus to come within, we’re going to take this opportunity to look at this year that is coming up for you. As you do so, let yourself take in all of the awareness and all of the perception of where you are right now in this moment.

    As you allow this to flow within your consciousness, ask yourself if you are looking from the perspective of your divinity or from the perspective of your human awareness?

    Ah hah. For some of you it was as if you didn’t realize you were still keeping yourself from the space of your humanity. So take a deep breath in. As you breathe in, allow your consciousness to flow and expand even further within this space. Now, you can truly feel who you are with your divinity.

    This year we are going to be working more with integrating your divinity. And one of the ways that that will happen is for you to allow for change and potentials to become a part of your life. Now I know that if I were to ask each one of you, do you allow this within your life? The answer is ‘yes’.

    So where is the difference of consciously answering ‘yes’ to a question and then vibrationally you emanate something different? Let’s take this moment and work in a few of the areas that come to my awareness.

    As you breathe down within yourself, I invite you to ask yourself the question ‘Am I in the flow of abundance?’ Abundance in every way; financial, abundance of friendship, abundance of good food, a place to live, whatever it may be.

    ‘As I look around at my life, am I in that place of abundance?’ And I hear for some of you the answer is no and for others the answer is yes. In any of these questions if you feel the answer is yes and you feel yourself expanded, let your consciousness move into a different shift in awareness and be in that flow of allowing.

    If your answer to that question was no then take this opportunity to allow limitation to come up within your awareness. How much of your day is focused upon the lack? How much of your day is focused upon just barely getting by? If this resonates with you and it feels as if it is your existence, then I invite you to feel the flow of my energy, to feel the flow of my awareness.

    Let it swirl through all these places so that it may clear them out, and I invite you to breathe out and let go. Come back around and let yourself fill up with the abundance of light, with the abundance of energy and flow that is here within the All That Is.

    When you consider how you are seeking to manifest greater abundance within your life, it is okay to allow that focus to come up perhaps here in this moment as we are talking about it, but then let go those specifics. Your divinity knows exactly what you would like to have. The Universe through the alignment with your divinity knows exactly what you would like.

    Therefore I invite you to create a vibration or create a trigger, whatever it may be, so that you need not move through that whole process again and again and again.

    Now as you seek abundance in your life, let it wash over you perhaps as the sense of a flower, perhaps as a feeling of expansion, perhaps a feeling of alignment.

    It can be whatever it is that you seek to have and you know that whenever you are seeking abundance within your life, you bring up that flower, you bring up that essence of what abundance is to you. I see in each one of you an even greater expansion taking place as you allow for this flow to become your reality.

    Let’s consider relationships. How many people are seeking relationships within their life? Perhaps it’s a life partner, perhaps it’s friendships, perhaps children.

    Whatever it may be take this opportunity and consider relationships that you may or may not have. Again if you feel like you are already in the flow of allowing, let your consciousness shift into wherever it may go.

    If when I bring up relationships you have a sense of lack or you have a sense that this is where you would like to place your emphasis, gather around and allow yourself to truly open to this flow.

    As you breathe within yourself, breathe down and allow your consciousness to go into that space where you seek new and or different relationships. As it flows through you allow yourself to first look at the relationship that you have with yourself.

    As you look at this, do you feel disconnected? Do you feel as if you disallow? If so consciously breathe in and breathe out and let that wash away from you.

    I flow more of my essence within and around you inviting you to allow it to assist you in expanding your consciousness or your awareness. As this occurs look within and allow yourself to truly feel the relationship within you, for you.

    And this flows through you. Let yourself feel the love and the awareness from your divinity. See how it accepts you as you are. You don’t need to change a thing. You need only breathe; you need only live your live and your divinity accepts you. Breathe that in, deeper and deeper within you.

    So as you now think about your personality, your ego, your human self, as you think about that which makes up you as the person, is there something within you that keeps that from happening? Is there a belief? Is there an emotion that keeps you from allowing this relationship to manifest fully within you?

    You breathe in, and as you breathe out let go whatever that may be. As that was being released we could still feel some resistance, we heard self-hate, we heard disappointment, we heard ‘not good enough’. If any of that resonates within you in your own relationship within yourself, then breathe in your divinity from here within the All That Is.

    Let it come inside of you, let it circle around you, let it fill up any of those spaces that resonates with that vibration. And as it does, let go, let go of anything that keeps you from feeling joy, feeling love, and feeling acceptance, and there it goes. Now as I’m looking at you, I see how you are allowing for this to flow within and around you.

    As this alignment strengthens within you, know that you have allowed the relationship with your divinity to come in, strengthening and enhancing all that is within you.

    As you feel that balance and that alignment within you, you may now look outward. Look outward towards the relationships that you would like to have in your life; once again, perhaps a partner, friendship, a work relationship, children.

    Now as you are looking at the potentials that are swirling within and around you, you can see how your own vibration is much more in an alignment with what you seek to have so you are opening to a much greater potential in all your relationships.

    As you begin to look at these relationships let yourself open. Let yourself take in the flow of alignment and awareness so that you can allow that to be at the forefront of your focus.

    No longer is it necessary for you to look at yourself with any sort of lack. You need only breathe in, feeling the allowance of who you are in this balanced space, and then as you reach out towards relationships, you reach out that balanced energy. You reach out an alignment for what you seek to have. Look around; open to awareness of the many different potentials that are here for you.

    I feel a need to invite you to consider your physical body. Perhaps your physical body has not fully supported you in the past or right now in this moment. Perhaps you’ve had a chronic illness; perhaps you have one thing after another that keeps happening to your body. Perhaps your weight is not what you would like for it to be.

    Here in the All That Is as you take in your physical body, allow your focus to move through so that your awareness can find the alignment with where you are right now. Does it focus upon the weight, perhaps pain that you may have, does it focus upon the problems that your physical body is holding onto?

    We heard a ‘yes’ from many, many people. If this does not resonate with you, we invite you to let your focus shift into that space of allowing and ride those waves of energy and light.

    If there is a reason why your physical body has been the way it has been, let it come up to your awareness right now. Is there something that you need within your life? Is there a message for you from your physical body? Is your physical body showing to you a way in which you keep yourself from the flow of your divinity?

    Whatsoever it may be, bring it up in this moment. And then breathe it out, letting it go. Here in the All That Is your perspective is so different.

    As you take in whatever that message is you then let go the physical manifestation. Have a sense of perceiving you in your human reality. Have a sense of increasing the flow of love and the flow of your divinity.

    Let that move through every cell within your body, every muscle, every organ, every bone. Feel what it is to be in this state of being. Breathe in and allow that to move through every particle that is you.

    As your physical body is in this deeper alignment you will find that there will be great changes occurring within you. You have the potential to release anything that has been within your body whether it’s a chronic illness, whether it’s something that’s been debilitating for you, no matter what it may be you have the potential to transition it completely out of our physical reality.

    Breathe down the balance and the acceptance of your divinity. There we go.

    So now create what it is to feel that complete alignment in this moment. As if you are stamping it into your memory, let it move through your beliefs, your emotions, your physical.

    Let it move through every aspect of who you are, so that you consciously take in a deep breath with the intention that you feel that balance within you and then you just breathe out.

    You create profound shifts within your life through these alignments. As you seek to create change in your life during this upcoming year let your focus be upon feeling balanced, feeling good, feeling acceptance and allowing.

    Let that emanate from you out to everyone around you, and in the place where you live let it move through.

    How do you feel in this moment? Make note of how far your energy field has expanded because your focus is completely on what feels good to you and on creating this alignment within you. As you breathe in and breathe out this sense of balance and this sense of awareness, let’s have a sense of seeing the calendar year in front of you.

    Again we know and your divinity knows whatever it is that you seek to have; let it consciously roll through every month of the year. Let it roll through creating alignments that you will magnetize and manifest within your life. Open to perceive how this is being created.

    If you are looking for the simpler answer when in your daily life, then look towards your conscious breathing and your conscious intention of finding what feels good to you.

    Everything in life reflects back to you from the perspective of where you are. Therefore if you are constantly seeking anything no matter how small or how big that feels good to you, then feeling good in greater and greater amounts is what you manifest.

    I feel ripples of joy moving through everyone here. I feel how you expand as you allow this to move through you. And if there’s anything else that I have not specifically spoken about, let it go at this time. Put forth the intention that this is who you are and this is what you seek to allow in vibrational alignment.

    As you find yourself growing in this manner you will also become aware of how the vibrations or the dimensions around you will become much more readily apparent. You may find your focus or your perspective shifting as you align with a more expanded space. The potentials are limitless. I invite you to open and allow them within.

    Gather together once more as a group. As you look at one another, become aware of how you are communicating in a different manner. This is all a part of what assists you.

    As you see this hologram of the Earth it moves up within this group. This hologram is already expanding, shifting and emanating the energies of alignment with all of you who are here.

    As you infuse your intention and your expansion into the hologram, it takes on and balances all that is here. As this occurs the hologram itself begins to rotate. As it does so it’s finding its own equilibrium with all of this infused energy.

    As you let it go you see it shifting into the crystalline grid and there is an aspect that moves out towards Ariellis and the rest of it shifts down, moving into the magnetic grid, moving through there down into the physical Earth.

    As that happens it goes down and anchors within the center of the Earth. There is an alignment with the crystals and all of that is grounding this energy. When that’s complete it begins to emanate out from there. It moves through the Earth itself, it comes up through the grass and trees.

    It comes up into you within your physical body. Integrate that within you, feel it come up within you and feel yourself accepting the alignment and the balance of what you seek.

    As this continues to anchor within you, you have a sense of releasing it from your consciousness and your focus moves once more into the All That Is.

    As you find yourself within this space you may have a sense of shifting once more into the space of the soul plane. You come to the soul plane on a very regular basis. Create the space or that sense of familiarity so that it is easier for you to be here and align with your divinity.

    As that happens you may have a sense of leaving the greater amount of your ‘I Am’ presence within this but you allow as much as you can integrate to shift with you.

    You move through the crystalline grid. You allow your energies to flow until you link with the magnetic grid. As you let yourself merge within this space, feel how the alignment with your higher self shifts as you integrate your transformation.

    As you are ready to do so, let this stream of consciousness come back down within your physical body. Everything that came up from the Earth is now blending and aligning with all of your expanded consciousness as you come back down and you create the balance and the integration within you.

    Feel what it is in this moment to have that balanced energy of who you are. To know that your physical body reflects the balance and expanded consciousness to know that the abundance within and around you is here; it’s present, it’s flowing.

    And that your relationship always begins within your self and everything within you is linked and aligned. You breathe in and you breathe out expressing this not only to yourself but to all who are around you.

    As you put forth what you seek to manifest be open to receive, be open to allow it to come in the highest potential available to you.

    All right beloved family. There is just such great joy that we feel for you!

    2011; a year of more fully integrating all that has been going on within the last several years. We sense that there is greater ease. We sense that there is much more of the collective consciousness that’s going to be integrating into this vibration and the more that the collective consciousness does, the more that it all rises; the more that it evolves.

    So as you are living your life, as you are moving through your days, I invite you to do so from that space of being complete and from that space of balance. You have created it. It is you. So breathe it in and let that be who you are as you seek to live your life.

    I am ever with you and within.


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