Universal 6 Card Spread (regarding love relationship) Interpretation Please.....

  • Please someone interpret these cards (explaination + ur opinion/experience wid any of these cards) to me. This I got:

    Card 1 (Justice) : How you feel about yourself now (Position)

    Card 2 (The Fool) : What you most want at this moment (Position)

    Card 3 (The Chariot) : Your fears (Position)

    Card 4 (The Star) : What is going for you (Position)

    Card 5 (Strength) : What is going against you (Position)

    Card 6 (Death) : Outcome (Position)

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  • Hi Fanaa25,

    I will meditate on this overnight to see what further insight I might obtain on this. I will see what I pick up on.


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  • Fanaa25,

    I apologize for the delay..ran into some family trouble over the weekend. I truly think you should hear the person out. Here is why...there are many times that we as individuals tend to think we know what another person is going through in a relationship and we make assumptions based upon that. I feel that by talking to him, you and he both will find the answers you need seek and will find some healing and closure from it. I have found that the universe works in mysterious ways...you will find out things that will bring about a rebirth in you and the person you have saught answers about. But true healing can begin, you must retravel on older roads, and if you must go deep within yourself even into the darkest depths to seek your truest intent and fears in order to heal them. you must be willing to forgive yourself and this person in order to move forward on your path. if you are willing to rise to this challenge, you will come through the rebirth with a new view and outlook on things. Everything about your reading...points to healing and rebirth... In order for this to take place, you will need to talk with this person.

    I hope this helps. Sorry for the long wait.


  • Also, the advice I received as it was given to me recently as well...you should look at the relationship as it is in its present not try to stamp your emotional influence upon what you would like it to be without first reviewing your motives... In a nut shell, I recently let my emotions get in the way and saw an outcome I wanted to see without looking at the potential pitfalls in that relationship rather than looking at what learning the universe had placed before me. in my instance, my relationship might not turn out to be permanent....if i am open to the direction it will take...i would be happier...if I try to control the direction of it....i would be disappointed and might even miss some of the lessons to be learned.

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  • You are very welcome. I am really glad to hear this was helpful. It sometimes takes me a few days to pick up things... Blessings to you also!


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