Is he a sociopath?

  • Ever since I was 15 years old, I have loved a man (boy at the time) and as bab for me as he is, I cannot get over him. After high school, we were separated for twenty years. Then we came back together and were married. I was on top of the world. I finally had the man I had always loved. Of course there were red flags, but I married him and we had a child together, who is now 13. He was an abusive man, mostly verbal, some physical, and I left him several times during the five year marriage, only to return because I was so attracted to him. After our daughter was born, I left again and he divorced me. I still love him, and we have attempted to get back together several times only to end with him leaving me, telling me what a bi--- I am. He has no empathy for me or his daughter or anyone else for that matter, although he loves the cat and would pet him instead of me. He'd rather spend his free time with his male friends, and I've often wondered if he is gay. I have read of the symptoms of a sociopath and most of symptoms fit him. He is very quiet and will not ever volunteer information, not even when asked. I don't think I really know him, only my idea of him. What is wrong with me that I cannot let go for good of a man who treats me like dirt under his feet? He left again a couple of weeks ago and left me with financial trouble as he always does. He was supposed to help pay the rent, but he didn't. My birthday is 6-16-1954 and his is 9-23-1954. Our daughter's birthday is 6-22-1997. Any insight into my situation would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • This is not an attraction but a self-punishment. And why do you allow your daughter to be put through this hel*l as well? You have an attraction to the dark side which is why you are drawn to this man so much. But you don't need to depend on anyone else for stimulation, approval, spiritual enrichment, or even to act out your more bizarre side. You can shine on your own. Lose that romantic idealism of yours and face the truth of this situation. This guy is a weak loser and will never be the perfect partner you want. He will never provide you with the material, financial or romantic security you crave. Do you really think that at 56 he is going to suddenly change or grow up? You both need to face reality.

    And sociopaths don't usually have any feeling for animals. He is just a person who relates better to animals than people, because they are less difficult to care for and carry fewer responsibilities than people. It's his indecisiveness and weak character that is the real problem. He waffles, lacks any self-discipline, avoids confrontations, and cannot handle his own emotionalism so he hides it away. He is looking for a mother (to mother him from a distance) not a wife so he always fails at being a committed husband and responsible person.

  • Thank you so much for your insight into my situation with my ex. Right now, I am determined to not allow him back into my life. I guess I have never realized that my want of him is my own attraction to the dark side. I had never considered that.

    Since you are so spot on, do you see me finding someone who is good for me and to me? I am an educated woman stuck in a low-paying job, but I would like to make more money both for myself and my daughter. Where should I look? I have looked backward for so long, I am having trouble looking forward and moving into the light. My abusive childhood consumes me also sometimes, but I want to move on and let these hurts from my childhood and my ex go. Is this possible for me?

    I need to tell you that I have bipolar disorder and carry a lot of guilt because of some of my actions in the past. I am on medication and am doing well, I think, Any help and advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi GG, I'll try and get to a reading for you--tomorrow.

  • You don't need to look around for your compatible partner - when you are ready, you will draw him to you. But unless you deal with your attraction to the dark side (no doubt a result of your abusive childhood where you learned to connect love with pain) you will only attract people of low character. You have to develop the understanding that true love is not about suffering or pain. You shouldn't feel guilty about your past actions because they were certainly caused by your horrible start in life. Perhaps deep down you think you are bad and deserve to have only pain and punishment in your life? You have to realsie you were an innocent child who did nothing wrong but had to endure the screwed-up actions of some deranged adult. Forgive yourself and your abuser.

  • Hi GG, Cards show you've had difficult past. Future, near future looks extremely bright. It's going to take determination and effort in acheiving your dreams. Shows you can achieve your goals. The cards speak highly of your abilities. I drew the Nine of Cups as your center. What you have to guard against with this card is what you wish for. Often times shows you are wishing for a relationship. You feel an overwhelming emotional attachment. Your letting too much of yourself out on partner. Get in touch with your feelings. Don't make a rush decision. Family and friends play significant role in your life.

    What you have to say is important. Cards are saying, Speak-up!. You need to make a change and it's difficult for you to accept. The environment you've been in is not favorable. Change is apparent. You're in mental pain. Professional help may need to be sought.

    The cards speak highly of you but also paint a picture of a long and hard struggle that you've been experiencing. Excessive responsibility. It's been more than anyone could handle. You've been carrying the relationship. Tension--neck and shoulders.

    I drew the Fool as the Outcome which is telling you not to shoulder so much responsiblity. Look at the world thru child's eyes. Take life one day at a time.

    This wasn't a bad reading at all. In fact, was very good. It speaks of what your going thru but points to lite at the end of the tunnel.

  • Thank you so much for your reading. I am taking my daughter's advice and going out soon with a nice man who is a Pisces. I teach part-time but am considering looking for a different line of work or looking for a full-time teaching position. I may even consider a move. Thank you for telling me life will get better. I know I can make it through the tunnel into the light. I will try to be grateful for each day and not look too far forward...or look back into the past.

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