Birth chart interpretation question - Is this possible?

  • Hi there,

    Someone very close to me went to an astrologer who did her birth chart...

    She told me that he knew from her chart the astrology signs of the people in her life and also of the person she would marry...although it showed more than one marriage because of her relationship which produced a child...

    He told her: The signs of her parents...the sign of her child and the childs father...the sign of a future child she would have (still yet to be seen)...and the sun sign and I believe the venus sign of the person she would end up marrying.

    How is this possible? Is it?

    I saw the chart myself..of course I am not an astrologer and could not read it..but did c some symbols I recognized and they were right.

    Thanks for any answers!

  • Look up derived houses...

  • Thanks alot Aqua!

    Just looked it up...the search begins...this is soo interesting 🙂

  • is pretty interesting 🙂

  • I managed to locate the Sun signs of my Mom...Dad...Brother and sister....(who were raised with me..but not my younger siblings from my Dad & stepmom yet)....also found both my grandparents on my moms side...dnt know the signs of my Dads parents....

    I would like to find the sign of my future says its the 7th house..

    but one astrologer describes it as the image/appearance of the spouse...could this be the ascendant? Or does it have to be the Sun sign?


  • I understand the concept of derived houses but I’ve never used them so I won’t pretend. Personally, I don’t believe you can determine a future spouse by using this method and relationship astrology is more complicated than just looking at/from the descendant to determine a marriage partner. Although angle contacts in synastry are favorable, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to marry someone with that sun or ascendant. The 7th represents business and marital partnerships, marriage, divorce and it is also the house of open enemies.

  • Yes..I see what you mean...I have no experience in astrology aside from what I have read..

    I seemed to have easily found the signs of my immediate family members but was unsuccessful at finding a spouse and children...It may be possible but friend is set on having this certain sign be te one she marrys because it said in the chart..which could potentially cause holding on to a person we shouldnt be with..

    Maybe thats why the sight I read said the 7th house (in relation to a partner) shows the image or appearance of our partner and/or how we want the public to see them. That makes more sense to me...than saying that house has the actual sign of the person....but again there could be a way of determining that ..I wouldnt know either..

  • I agree with you…she could potentially hold on to someone that’s unworthy or eliminate someone that is worthy. There is significance to the descendant in that it would indicate a type of energy one attracts, is attracted to and how one interacts in relationships. The image of a Gemini ascendant can be portrayed as someone that is chatty, fun, witty, bored easily and with Sagittarius descendant can be attracted to someone that likes to travel, is optimistic, philosophical, spiritual or even from a foreign culture. Of course certain energies are prevalent in certain signs, and are not only found in the sun or ascendant but it could be their moon, venus, mars or even mercury. It’s not always romantic because it could be people that one maintains a long term friendship with.

  • Are you already dating someone? I have to say, I have dated hundreds of guys in my time, no kidding. had a lovely social life. I have never asked them or anyone else about their astrological signs, charts ascending, synastry, etc .I have been married almost 20 years now and I only know hubby's sign , birthdate, and time of birth because my mother-in-law informed me of this without my asking. Does it really matter? I mean REALLY? I married my guy without a clue! Just live your life, get over the so called qualifications, just get on with what you love and want from the gut! This means nothing! REALLY!!!

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