Had a reading - need advice

  • HI there, I am new to tarot but very interested. Had a reading, and the reader didn´t tell me a lot about the prince of cups who turned out to be the man for me. I had the high priestess, the sun and a card I can´t remember in a row and the prince on top. The reader said: high priestess - real deep love, the sun - happy at home, the card I forgot - mutual feelings. Ah, the card right in front of me was the moon - I was hiding something from myself which I have to overcome, the other cards I forgot, but after revealing what I hide I would feel foolish and like a litte girl, with new power, reborn and then love would happen where I least expected.

    I was fascinated although I would like to learn more about the prince of cups and the whole "picture".

    Can any expert here help me and give more information?

    When I asked : what am I hiding, the death card came up and the reader said: transformation.

    Thank you so much for more details

  • When I get back I will help u

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