Ok im weird but heres a question please answer!

  • would a psychic be more accurate or would reading your horoscope? I got a reading done and she was really good and i already had one of her predictions pass, however i read my horoscope and it can really put me in a negative mood and leave me feeling hopeless, but they can be correct too sometimes.....which one would be more accurate the psychic or the scope? i believe the psychic to have greater chances at being correct but was wondering what anyone else would have to say on this topic .

  • To Niki5150

    Horoscope is for the general population. Sometimes they get it right but not all the time.

    Since a psychic is right in front of you that means the pscyhic will be more in tune to your

    energy and the reading will be much more accurate although the psychic could make a

    mistake too. If a reading or horoscope is not good dont take it seriously 'cause if you do you

    are putting a bad energy there for yourself. Readings are all for entertaining purposes!


  • thanks sometimes i let the bad take over even when i know that horoscopes are from a broad perspective and one week it promises me gold then the next week it says im thinking too positively and shouldn't count my chickens before they are hatched.....and my psychic readings have been consistant even from a few years back. i wish i wasn't in my head all the time ; )

  • even the psychic told me that about myself lol

  • To NIKI5150

    Seeing psychics too often will only create more insecurity for you. If you are addicted to pyschics do so only once a year or if you have 1 important question to ask and after that wait another year. Just pray to God for help to guide you daily with your problems or insecurities. I'm telling you God & thinking positive always no matter what is the best solution of any kind.

    May you be blessed always!

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