Is it god or fraud

  • A week ago my boyfriend of three years that i was living with claimed he had a intervention from god that told him that he needed to change. so he ask me if i wanted to marry him i said yes , so he said lets go get married.long story short the next day he call me and said that he did not want to live in sin any more and he was renting a room from his uncle so my ?is how can you change over night like that and does god really want us to turn our backs on people that really care about us ?

  • please give me some kind of psychic advise about this situation as to what direction to take now becuse i wasted 3 years with this person and i am kind of feeling like this is what life is going to be like for me i feel my self changing for the worst and would reather it be for the better. i really don't want to lose faith in love,people and/or god

  • I don't know if I have any 'psychic' advise... but here's some good old fasioned relationship advise.

    It is possible to change overnight, have some earth shattering experience that changes your perspective. However, you need to really talk about these changes with your man. What does his new outlook mean for your entire relationship. Example: maybe if you had talked a little more before you said yes, you would have learned then how deeply he was taking this, and maybe he would have told you then about the apt.

    You are well within your rights in a relationship to put on the brakes, especially when someone does a 180 on you. You really need to talk and find out how his change of perspective is going to change and effect your lives together...not just for him. I feel like he just made a huge decision, and your kinda being dragged along for the ride. Talk. that is the only way you are going to know if this change is sincere, and what it means to you individually and as a couple.

  • People can change overnight, especially when the Lord is working in their hearts about things. When you are saved, GOD starts changing you one thing at a time. As a Christian, I am not understanding why you think your boyfriend has turned his back on you. The bible says that we are not to "live in sin". Your boyfriend asked to marry you, so he's not turning his back on you. Marry him right away at the Justice of the Peace and then have a ceremony if you want one. If you are married right away then you can move right back in together. He's not trying to do you wrong, he's trying to get right with GOD. I hope this helps. Good luck and GOD bless you!!!

  • yes by all means dive into a situation head first that you are unsure about. You should never marry anyone when questions like the one you are asking are in your heart.

    So God has also told him to move to a Ranch in Michigan in 5 years and raise goats,(unlikely example, but do you know??) like I said you need to find out where he is headed with his convictions and make sure you are in agreement with the ' new life plans'.

    People must be in agreement religiously, or at least have total respect for each other's beliefs, or it just won't work. The bible says you must be equally yoked.

    She didn't say he was turning his back on her, she said "is how can you change over night like that and does god really want us to turn our backs on people that really care about us ? "

    My curiosity is what exactly is he asking you to do? If you don't feel comfortable with it, then don't do it... ask questions.. and make a decision about the relationship. Don't just get married because the offer is on the table...

  • I agree with bleudawn.

    Your 3 years together have not been wasted...,.but you've come to a crossroads....follow your gut instinct and do what you feel is right....Don't marry for the sake of it, please. Think carefully. I personally think that if he wanted to marry you, whether the thought was inspired by God or not, he should be still living with you,nurturing your love and preparing your future ahead. I think he is being very arrogant and judgemental. Nobody has the right to be judgemental. God is supposed to be love.....

  • I agree with bleudawn and rnrchick, If getting married is so important to him he would of driven you both the courthouse that day. I'm a little suspicious of people period. I am always looking for the ulterior motive in every situation.

    Yes, people can change overnight, and yes God can be the instigator, however, if that were the case in your situation your man would of done just what I said previously, driven you to the courthouse that day (if you were in agreement). So I can't help but wonder, if he is being totally honest with you. I don't think he is, it's just my gut feeling, and my gut is usually right. He is seeking seclusion for some reason, almost like he's hiding something. Protect yourself, do NOT just run off and marry this man. Something is not right and in time, when the time is right, God will reveal to you.

    I only have one last thing to add. If this is truly a God thing for him there would be a lot more activity in his life that pushes more towards a God life. I'm curious, is he displaying any other behavioral changes that mesh with his not wanting to live in sin?

  • I agree, it doesn't make sense for him to just up sticks and move out like that.

    I'm sorry but no God would tear you apart. People do that!

    God doesn't discourage people living together. People do! The church does too but God?


    I agree you need to talk this through before even considering the marriage thing.

    Something isn't right here and i think you already that deep down though i certainly wouldn't say three years have been wasted.

    Good luck,

    Verdana 🙂

  • I don't believe God makes us do anything. Many things have been done in the name of God by people, for example: wars, destruction of cultures, prejudice, killing and more. It sounds as if you fear your own feelings. People generally don't change without wanting to. If they do,it requires reflection and if God is the motivation I do not believe your boyfriend has been totally honest. Seek to find yourself and your beliefs. His seem self-serving.

  • What sign is he? He sounds confused. Remember that marriage is a pertnership not a domination or an ownership. I'm not sure what to make of our situation with him.

  • My view point is that if someone changes that fast and drastically then what else is he going to change over night? This is just the beginning. I would be observing and asking this a different man then what I fell in love with?

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