Cancer man Taurus woman is der a chance?

  • Where to start.....??? I am Taurus married to a Libra for 15 years, we hav 4 kids. my husband has had several affairs resulting in children but has refused to leave me, the last being about 2 and a half years ago. at the time he said that he would continue to live in our home and see his girlfriend and if I chose to see someone that was up to me, but we would remain sharing and living in the family home. Needless to say i was distraught, however, I believed him i thought it was over between us and fell into depression and did not know how i would go on.

    A male Cancer friend who i know longer then i know my husband and i became very close and began an intimate relationship which lasted 10 months. he finished it with me to begin a new relationship with his girlfriend. We remained friends and after all i was still married and my husband was trying to smooth things over with me. my Cancer friend is still with his girlfriend a year later and she has moved in with him. He continues to be in constant touch with me and we hav been intimate on several occasions. I feel very strongly connected to him and that he was meant to be with me for a reason to show me that there cud be life after my husband. I think we both have feelings for each other but we didn realise how strong our bond was until we split. Our families are very close he is like an Uncle to our kids and i love him dearly. The problem is I cant get away from my husband altho i hav accepted that i will never be happy with him anymore, he remains selfish drinks too much is verbally abusive when hes drunk and i hav no doubt that he will cheat again. I am devastated that i cant be with my Cancer friend. I wish him all the best with his gf, however, i would love to know if there is a chance for me and him in the future. I truly believe that if my husband had left when he said he would that my Cancer friend and i would have made a lasting relationship. There has been a lot left unsaid due to our situation and both of us fear of rejection. I feel in my heart he is my soul mate and time life and circumstances will bring us together but I would love to know if anyone cud tell me more about it thru astrology or tarot.......... dobs are 16/May/73 and 7/Jul/74.

  • Oh my !! I am a Taurus, I was married to a Libra man for 21 years and I now have a cancer BF !!

    My cancer and I have a great relationship !! We have had our moments, yet, they have truly been small. I have 3 kids, he has 4. We are just now, after a year, opening our lives up to each others children.

  • This relationship is very promising for marriage. Its strengths are its imagination, expansiveness, and creativity. Its weaknesses are its unrealism, issues of rejection, and disappointment. Together you two can brew up some fantastic visions. Your grand, even gigantic ideas and plans represent a meeting of two separate, vivid fantasy worlds that can produce amazing results - if you two are in synch. Alas, relatively few of these dreams ever come to fruition and indeed most can be highly unrealistic. Yet your originality and imaginative content are memorable. You two are capable of a close friendship that can develop into a love affair and marriage. Your quiet secretive friend will probably be fascinated by your spontaneous colourful flamboyance and you perhaps mirror his desire to be more extroverted. He can become obsessed with your wishes and you may in turn acknowledge him and help him to unlock his hidden visions. In a relationship formed in such a case, fantasy and dreams will blossom, encouraging intimate enjoyment and exciting prospects in the shape of a full-blown romance.

    Should the result be marriage or a permanent living situation, the most extraordinary domestic space can be created, in which the two of you will feel liberated to externalize your fantasies without fear of failure or rejection. Such a space can be a laboratory for social or artistic forays into the world, but also a sanctum to retreat to when an unappreciative public creates disappointments. Marriage between you can be very rich and full.

    So you two ARE good together, yet whether or not you make a permanent living situation really depends on whether the dreamy pair of you can make grounded practical plans to achieve this end result. If realistic, courageous, honest, and determined efforts are not made on both your parts, this wonderful potential life partnership will only remain a wonderful dream.

    Iriane, you may have felt rejected or abandoned by a parent - your mother? - when you were young, and maybe you still long to make that mental/emotional connection and have the mothering that you missed out on as a child. You might project your feelings onto other people without even realising it. You may have developed a problem expressing your feelings appropriately because of the disconnection in your childhood. Are you perhaps still mad at your parents after all these years for making you feel like you had to fend for yourself or were not properly looked after? Is this why you crave having someone else there to take care of you - even if he (your husband) doesn't do it very well at all?

    You attract the very abandonment you fear and you will never get over it unless you try hard to put it behind you. Don't let a fear of being financially and materially unsupported hold you back. It is only when you are left alone to look after yourself that you really come into your own power, wit and intelligence. There's a huge gap at the moment between your potential happiness and your ability to manifest it. Greatness is in you but you can't be lazy or wait for a miracle to happen. You have to do the work to achieve what you want. No one else can play the parent for you and come in and make it all better. Put your mind in order by eliminating the chaos of misunderstanding and poor communication. Find ways to express yourself strongly and unmistakably. You must know what you want and stand firm until you get it. You must work hard to control your emotional side that lives in a fantasy world of happiness. Let no one be in doubt as to what you want to happen. Believe in yourself. Then just go ahead and do it. Once you learn that a sense of security can only be found inside and not outside of you from anyone else, you will be rewarded with the stability you crave and the adventure you require. Basically you will only get back from life what you put into it.

  • Wow Taurus 7 such a similarity, i am hoping that all goes well for you and wish u the very best for ur future.... 😄 x

    Captain, thank u so much for an uplifting and empowering reply! it's lovely and bring much to think about 😄

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