Can somene pls tell me if my friend is compatible with her partner....

  • Lisa - 20/04/82

    Ronnie - 18/10/80

    Many thanks x

  • According to their astrological profiles, this relationship works better for friendship than for love and marriage. Its success depends on how it handles issues of domination and subtle forms of manipulation. In fact, its attitudes may be much too inflexible and controlling to allow this pair to live together in peace. Despite a strong initial attraction and a mutually sensuous orientation, a love affair here is unlikely to reach very high levels. Actually, matters of the heart are more likely to wind up where they should have started in the first place - as an easygoing friendship, with few demands on either person. Marriage is also unlikely to be very successful, particularly if children or other relatives are involved. Ronnie generally finds it hard to give himself to people in a family setting, preferring to save his energies for other areas like his career, social activities, or favourite hobby or sport. Lisa will usually want to participate in the many aspects of family life when married, and this difference can cause irreconcilable problems between them. Lisa likes straightforwardness but also demands flexibility and compromise, things which are detested by Ronnie.

  • thecaptain

    Thank you sooooo much, I can totally agree and understand this reading well.

    Thank you again. 🙂

  • sorry I also meant oask something for my own benefit if you can.

    I would like to leave my partner and father of my children, we seperated once before 5 years but got back together. I am reluctant as I am scared of the events, both nasty and emotional that could arise if I seperate, do you think I will be ok??

    me 16/02/1983

    dan 18/07/1983

    Thank you very much, this is very kind of you and very reassuring 🙂

  • Thin carefully about your decision. This relationship's core is deeply emotional. Your partner is among the few people who are likely to win your trust, which is not an easy task, and can continue to justify your trust for many years. You two usually take your love affair and/or marriage very seriously. Both of you are quite aware of how important love and affection are in your relationship and you tend to treat your bond with the greatest respect. If problems arise here, it is usually because too much delicacy has been in play, with both of you virtually treading on eggshells to avoid disturbing topics or activities. In being over-protective of your relationship and of each other, you may deny yourselves the confrontational and toughening experiences that move a relationship forward in spiritual and psychological growth. You should try to open up investigations of many more areas of your relationhip beyond the few you find especially interesting. You two like investigating other people's problems but may not be digging deeply enough into or ignoring your own.

    Before you end this relationship, ask yourself if you two have taken it as far as it has the potential to go and whether you have explored the other person deeply enough or are letting too much secrecy ruin your life together? In your partner's profile, it shows he has a tendency to be a bit too attached to his image and may not show his real self to others for fear of rejection. And he can allow a controlling attitude to make him appear more bombastic than he really is. Both of you tend to hide your real selves from the world and perhaps from each other. How honest and authentic are you with each other - do you have heart-to-heart talks or do you avoid anything that might cause an upset, thus never resolving anything? Are you, Miss-h, being overly sensitive or self-protective and not sharing your real feelings and self enough? Are you making the mistake of thinking your partner will not understand you if you open up to him? Are you afraid of devoting yourself to someone with a real commitment?

    Miss-h, think carefully about what you are going to do and ask yourself truthfully if you have given this relationship as much effort as you could have?

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