Reading please watergirl?

  • Can u please answer this? U don´t have to of course, I just want to be sure I am not making a mistake:

    Is Tom single or does he really date the asian girl CJ said was his gf?

    If he is single, will he stay so until we meet/start to date?

    Will he and I become a couple?

    Will we meet, soon?

    And the last thing: Am I fooling myself thinking he and I would end up togeheter?

    Birthdays are 11th of august(mine) and his 1st september 1989, Gabriella is my name.



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  • Hi!

    Ok, but what about Bill then, what can u see about me and him, is he committed to someone else?

  • I mean, Ok I understand what u are saying, but it would be nice to also get answers on these questions please? It would help alot:

    Is the picture of Bill kissing another girl real or fake as so many claim?

    Will he and I become a couple?

    If so, when will we meet?

    If we will, will he be single until we do?

    Or am I fooling myself again?

    Do I have a chance will Bill?

    The reason to why I started to belive is that readers has told me he and him would be so much in love and me and Bill not, my cards used to say yes but now they changed and turned around..

    U are ríght about the anxioness, because I am afraid that I won´t get one of them...

    How did u know all this? Did u read my post asking what affects the answers or?

  • Another thing, I became like this because I feelt like I was being fooled by people who did readings for me who I trusted

  • Greetings Watergirl,

    It's been awhile...I hope your feeling much better, I have read you have been through so much. Thankful for your recovery. May you continue to be blessed for your kindness, caring and most of all your gift!

    I can see your swamped here so I will be brief. I followed the advice you gave me, all went well for awhile, our lives together went through many changes, always ends the same, apart from each other.

    Please do a reading for me concerning where do I go from here with this man, at this point it's very difficult to see through the FOG. Much of what you told me happened, yet we are not together again. We began making plans to live together again, the other woman never went away, his Mother still manipulates. My heart is open for love, am I waiting for nothing with him?

    Every time WE make plans someone always interferes. Could it be that he has been leading me on the whole time, or that he just does not even know what he wants.

    Please advise me on how to proceed in this relationship, if there still is one at all.

    Deeply would appreciate your time & devotion. Urgently awaiting a very much needed reading from you.

    Blessed Be

    Susan E.

    MY DOB: 8-18-1963 His: 5-8-1968

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Watergirl,

    I posted a new thread, I think I did it correctly...thank you for your response. Looking forward to my ready, patiently.



  • Watergirl, can u please just answer this?

    Just these: is the picture of bill kissing another girl real or made up to cause drama?

    Is he committed to someone?

    Does the same thing go for him, with the situation presented ect

    They are twinbrothers so it is the same day of birth

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