• Picture old pain, perceptions and out-molded beliefs as a giant iron horseshoe around your neck.

    Can you feel it pressing your spirit down? Write it all down. Write pages. Take that book of misery and burn it. You're writing a new book . Release that weight and the weight of the whole world that you've been carrying as fear. Live in this moment. Don't give the past the power to hurt you any longer. Don't give a perceived future the power hold you captive in fear. Love yourself without reservation.

  • love this 🙂

  • Thanks archersbow... one question... how do you distinguish between out molded and not out-molded?

    I'm hesitant of making a decision... that's why I'm trying to find out...

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  • HAPPYDoc, If you're paralyzed and can't move, nine times out of ten it's fear of change or you're clinging to a pattern that you know isn't good for you (It's known, so it feels safe). Make a decision. Your world will not collapse. New worlds will open to you.

  • Archersbow,

    "Don't give a perceived future the power hold you captive in fear."

    I think those words will guide me for life ...I thank you very much even when they were not for me.

    I'm very worry about the future since I was a kid, I feel captive in that fear and I do not find the way to help myself.

    Your for sure your words going to help a lot....... THANKS again

  • capiform, consider the mountain goat who climbs the peaks despite the danger. You have the instincts that will guide you. Your feet will always land on solid ground. You are no longer a child that must fear the world out of self-protection. Step out and trust the universe. Action has power.

  • The more you fear, the more negatives you attract and then more fear is created. When you push through your fear in spite of it, you will change your mind's chemistry and it's reaction to fear and stop the vicious circle. Sometimes wanting to be "perfect" is part of the problem--having unrealistic standards for ourselves, and having a very harsh inner judge. This may have been created when you were a child and originated from a parent or authority figure, Love that little child. Give him/her permission to make mistakes without criticism. You can't grow without learning. You can't learn without making mistakes.

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