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  • I'm a new capi member, of course interested in astrology and what I don't know.... even when what I know is not well digested yet.

    Is hard for me to guide and enjoy my life at the same time ...so, frequently I chase a dream and focus on it ....if I achieve it... an hour later it means nothing.... I feel kind of empty until other dream arrive to plays it's game.

    However since I lived for a while 12/31/1960 ....I noticed about some periods quite more balanced where the dream is not that strong nor the ego, the pain, or the worry...I know I can not live there permanently but at this moment will be very relieving to know if there is one on way.

    Thanks a lot

    moon in Gemenis

    ascendant Aquarius

  • capiform,

    12/31/1960: there is satisfaction and stability in both health, work and all affairs in general. Recovery from illness and any work-related problems can be expected now. It can mean working hard and steadily, but usually this is a welcome situation, making you feel more secure and stable in your life. Essentially, now there is strong security and foundation in your life. You will always achieve this kind of satisfaction now.

    Relax your legs. See that you cannot rescue the one you follow. Resign yourself to sorrow.

  • Dear Hans,

    You are complete right I did find some stability in 2011 after a crazy

    hard working 2010, however spiritually I'm quite far from I would like

    to be ...at least I remember better periods than this one.

    Probably so much work in 2010 took some of the time of my practice

    of meditation...I'm slowly going back to my bases but in a mechanical mode

    is quite hard to find conviction in my routine, I only hope it will come back when

    the astral scenery allows it.

    I recently became 50 ...and with my birthday came a wave of uncertainty, questioning and reevaluation ...but not much revelation ...I'm more confused now when I should be a "mature person". I hear a lot about middle age crisis due to planetary alignments. I wonder if you know about this period in life.

    I consider myself bless in many ways ...however now, good things does not count and only the negative and blurry feel my head.

    I'm an sculptor and designer a huge part of my work is mentally... these days I feel like carrying ten heads and all of them looking in different directions... very bad for my work and concentration.

    May be is just a short scaring period that I need somehow.

    I read many of your posts and I could see how spiritual person you are and how noble the cause. Your words gave me a lot of hope and I want to thank you very much for them.



    DOB: 12/31/1960 at 9:20am Havana , Cuba

    moon: Gemini

    asc: Aquarius

  • capiform,

    I wonder if you know about this period in life: this is the period, when one feels, that now one´s energy is no more outgoing than it was in your youth. Now energy will be flowing more and more inwards, and you can fight against it, and feel stressed and overburdened or you can see the blessing of it. Now it will be becoming much more easy to meditate, to go inwards, to reach your inner well of creativity.

    Let me tell you a a small story about two little

    straws that are drifting in a flooded river. One straw,

    which is laying across the current and trying to hold

    back the flood, is screaming that he will not let the

    river go forward. Although the river is moving ahead

    and the straw is unable to control it, yet he goes on

    shouting that the river will be stopped. He is boasting

    aloud that whether he lives or dies, he will stop the

    river. But the straw is still drifting. Neither does

    the river listen to his voice, nor does she know that

    the straw is struggling against her. It is just a tiny

    little straw that the river is completely unaware of.

    It makes no difference to the river, but for the straw

    it is a matter of great consequence. His life is in

    great difficulty. He is drifting, and will ultimately

    reach the same destination whether putting up a fight

    or not. However this moment in between, this period in

    between, will be one of pain, sorrow, conflict and

    anxiety for him.

    The straw next to this one has let go himself. He is

    not laying across the river, he is laying

    straight-facing the direction of the river -- and

    thinks that he is helping the river to flow. The river

    is completely unaware of him too. The straw thinks that

    since he is taking the river along with him to the

    ocean, she would eventually reach there. The river is

    totally unaware of his help also. To the river it makes

    no, difference, although for both straws it is a matter

    of great importance. The one who is taking the river

    along with him is in great joy, he is dancing in great

    delight. The one who is fighting against the river is

    in great pain; his dance is not a dance at all -- it is

    a nightmare. It is nothing but a twisting of his limbs.

    He is in trouble, he is getting defeated, while the one

    who is flowing with the river is winning.

    An individual is unable to do anything except that

    which is the will of existence. But he has the freedom

    to fight, and by fighting he has the freedom to cause

    himself anxiety.

    DOB: 12/31/1960 at 9:20am Havana , Cuba: from 20 February 2011 until 1 March 2011 you will experience increased mental activity and a desire to communicate to others something that you consider important. Whether or not your message is important, you probably think it is, so you should take the time to see if that is true. There is no point in loading people up with your ideas and opinions unless they are worth something. And when you speak to others at this time it is vital that you listen to their response. For although you have big ideas and plans, there is a tendency now to overlook details. You may be unwilling to listen to criticism, but if you listen and heed what you are told, this can be an excellent time for making decisions, planning, negotiating and concluding deals or agreements. But this will happen only if you listen to others' opinions.

    This will be a time of optimism and positive feelings. You have confidence in your ideas and are able to get them across. Communications of all kinds are important to you; for example, you may conceivably do some writing at this time.

    It is also important not to overextend yourself. Make sure that your plans are no larger than your ability to cope with them. Sometimes with this influence the pace can get pretty hectic, because you have to handle many different affairs at once. This is when sloppy thinking can become especially dangerous.

    During this period you may encounter resistance to your ideas and opinions from a number of sources. It is a good time to examine your ideas and see how well they really hold up in an argument. It is a good time to change any views that do not hold up because you can easily enlarge your viewpoint under this influence. You feel no need to be petty or quarrelsome, but you do feel compelled to defend the ideas that are important to you. Any truly important beliefs will hold up during this confrontation and become more a part of your basic mental pattern than ever.

    Dear Armando,

    you have always been a difficult person, accept it and love yourself.


  • Hans

    Very good story for my case ...clear teaching. I guess that everybody is in his on river, how to deal with the currents and waves without sink is the real challenge. In my case I do not feel exactly like any of the 2 straws, however the one fighting describe me better. I don't feel like fighting the will of existence, but trying to understand how to deal with it. I'm hungry for wisdom, knowledge I think I have enough to go by.

    It is very interesting your comment about middle age energy flow , makes me think I will feel better. Since long I understood that the real search is inward and still most of my energy is going in other directions.

    Definably the wisdom of your words will help me, I hope will be able to let you know how things are going from time to time and share some books etc. also here you can see what I do I appreciate your time and very much your thoughts.




  • capiform,

    or, we can use the metaphors used by Friedrich

    Nietzsche. He says that man's life can be divided into

    three successive metamorphoses of the spirit. The first

    he calls 'the camel', the second he calls 'the lion',

    the third he calls 'the child'. Very pregnant

    metaphors... the camel, the lion and the child.


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