Yay for more Cancers....Captain?

  • I feel weird doing this...I've never actually asked for a reading on this forum before, but I'm SO curious, so here it goes.

    Captain, if you wouldn't mind, could you give me a reading with our birthdates...? There's actually two Cancers, one of them I've known for considerably longer then the other. Would it be too, too much to ask to get a comparison? Maybe a much shorter reading for each then you would normally do, so it isn't a huge mass of work?

    The first one, June/22/1987 I've known for only about a week, we met on vacation and clicked super fast. But before we knew it we were leaving...i didn't think i'd miss him, honestly, but he's just such a sweetie. He lives in another city and it's fairly far, but not a city thats new to me.

    The other, July/13/1984, i've known for much longer. We've been fairly out of touch lately but I'm going to see him soon.

    I'm just not sure which one to put my faith in, you know...? They're both Cancers but they seem completely different.

    My birthday is March/29/1986. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  • You and Cancer June 22, 1987: This is potentially good for love and friendship. But the most crucial area is that of trust, for neither of you easily admits others to your private inner worlds. This trust, along with an ability to learn and develop together, may be slow to build but, if not harmed, it will eventually emerge as the relationship's focus and indeed may prove the backbone of a longstanding friendship, marriage or love affair. If infidelity or betrayal occurs on even one occasion however, the bond will be broken forever. Forgiveness then is not characteristic here. Your friend can have a soothing effect on you, especially when you have pushed yourself too hard and too fast and are stressed-out. With him waiting at home for you, you can allow yourself to relax in domestic tranquillity. You don't always have this calming effect on each other but, in general, your more intuitive side Maria allows you to understand your friend's sensitivity, while his emotional sensibility grants him a sympathy for your problems. It may be hard to decide if this friendship should go further - if limits are set (whether becasue one of you wants to avoid the dangerous waters of romantic or sexual involvement, or because one of you may already have a partner) then you might decide to restrict your contact. The understanding that can develop here between you is subtle and magical so a decision to remain just friends can cause great difficulty and pain. But clarifying the rules early may save later suffering.

    You and Cancer July 13 1984: romantic or sexual chemistry is often missing here but you may well be able to work together effectively or enjoy a friendship. Independence and boundaries are top priority. The relaitonship focuses on communication, mainly through the spoken word. Interactions often elude the physical and take place via telephone, fax or email with face-to-face meetings restricted to certain convenient times and places. Generally speaking, your choices are conscious and thought-out, motivated more by intention and desire than by need. Even so, the relationship can feature considerable emotional conflicts which are likely to cause problems in love or marriage. Over the years, these frustrations and tensions may lead to greater understanding and ultimately to increased closeness, but the road to such acceptance may be long and rocky. Because of this matchup's strong mental orientation, and you Maria being more intuitive and your friend more emotional, you two might not always feel comfortable with each other. You will occasionally feel smothered or manipulated by your friend and he will have difficulty getting you to open up and be honest about your feelings. You are both ambitious and you must take care not to be overly aggressive or threatening to other people in your struggle to rise to the top. Power struggles within the relationship must also be monitored carefully, lest individual drives undermine it.

  • Oh wow, thank you so much!

    So, it looks like Cancer #1 is better for me. It just sucks because he lives so far away, and I don't know if he's prepared to go for that. But Cancer #2 is pretty much officially a douche bag....I've seen him like, twice in four or five months and I saw him last night at a party and he just basically did the typical high school mindgame drama with me. Like, I tried to talk to him and he dragged a girl onto his lap. Umm...okay. So I walked away and ignored him every time he came near me, and then at one point he was standing right in front of me and I was tipsy enough to be like "Well, YOU haven't changed" and he was like "uh...well, neither have you." and I was like "Mine's in a good way." and then I dropped a glass, lol, so there was some commotion but then he came up to me after and asked what I meant, and I told him it was totally uncool that we haven't seen each other in ages and when I tried to talk to him he drags another girl between us. He told me he doesn't know what I'm talking about but HE tried to talk to ME and I snubbed him which was uncool. I was mindblown...I was thinking to myself "I think he's messing with me...." but I really couldn't tell for sure, because the music was super loud and it was kind of dark.

    Anyway...we kinda hashed that out and he was like "okay, it looks like theres been a misunderstanding...lets fix it." so he grabbed me and lifted me up and spun me around. Needless to say, that fixed it...so we talked for like, I don't know, THREE minutes before people started interrupting. Then he just told me he's gonna go "carouse" and he'll be back. That actually pissed me off, as I hadnt seen him in almost two months and he was chatting with people he sees everyday. And then I see him with this random chick, and their talking super close and obviously saying intimate things to each other and it just totally grossed me out. And then 10 minutes later he's sitting talking to this other chick and I just got so fed up, I left.

    Anyway....sorry, LOL. I guess I just needed to get that off my chest.

  • It doesn't have to be an either/or situation,. It's possible there will be other love partners in your life.

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