I Really Need Advice

  • Hello everyone,

    You may all be aware of the problems I have been having getting over this horrible marriage break up but my problem now is to do with something which happened before we split up......

    My estranged husband had a very bad accident several months before he left and decided to go ahead with a claim which he insisted would be used to pay off the mortgage on the house for his children. Today I discovered that this claim has been settled but I did not find this out from him and he has never ever mentioned any offer being made. I need to know do I go to a solicitor now as he never made our split official because he has been using this address to facilitate his claim and the disability benefit which he gives to me....

    I really am in a complete mess over this..

    Please help...........


  • Good Luck Geraldine, call an Attorney by law you are entitled to some of that money. Good Luck.

  • Well I consulted a solicitor and was told that basically I am entitled to nothing..........It is his money because it was his accident so if he goes back on his word regarding the mortgage there is not a thing I can do about it....

    I feel totally sick right now......To think that being married to someone and giving them 16 years of your life all comes down to literally a big fat ZERO.

    There really is no justice in the world...


  • In America, as a spouse you are entitled to half of disability money especially if you help take care of him during an injury, tell you what though, no matter what, don't worry about it, if he has done you wrong he will not enjoy that money, you move on with your life and one day you will be happier than you have ever been. Do the best you can while you can and don't stop living YOUR life, sometimes they do us a favor. 🙂

  • Thanks Poetic,

    Your advice is very much appreciated......


  • 🙂

  • Hi Poetic,

    Just to let you know that I called another solicitor today and his advice was completely different to the first one... He said yes I am entitled to some of this money as we are still to all purposes married and the accident happened while he was still in house........

    I have an appointment with this solicitor for Wednesday so will find out more information from him then.

    Much love


  • Oh wonderful! I pray you get everything and more that you deserve, I'm on my daughter's laptop which I am not used to and feel like a dotz! God /bless You!

  • Thank you Poetic, you have been so good........

    God bless you and yours.........


  • We all wil be blessed in season!

  • So glad to hear that, think we could all do with some uplifting and cheer this year.....Sounds like we all need it.


  • For sure!

  • read my forum please i need adive asap!!!!!

  • Off to see the solicitor today.........don't know why but for some reason am very nervous.....will let you know how I get on 🙂

  • Good Luck!

  • well was not as nerve racking as I had expected. Solicitor was extremely nice and helpful. There are some things I have to check into first before deciding what course of action to take next. Even though he has said that YES I am entitled to half of this claim, I would have to think about making this seperation legal in order for any monies to be given.

    I have to see if I would be financially better off each week as a lone parent than the way it is now with him paying what he does.

    There is no other way to find out the amount of the claim so it could be small but it could also be quite a bit due to the nature of his injuries and the fact he will never work at his previous trade again.

    Some deep thinking needs to be done............


  • I bet it's a lot but you are right, make the best decision for you and the child because sometimes they can get nasty and not want to do the right thing, on the other hand you and the child are entitled, the company that disbursed that money is at fault for not addressing you anyway from the beginning.

  • Hi Poetic,

    Well it looks like I will have to be the bigger person in this situation and step back....As you say the money can only bring him bad karma.

    I am entitled to half of it yes but only if I take this thing further legally which would mean losing all financial support already in place and that is not somewhere I want to go. I have to think of my three children and what losing this support would mean to them and I honestly cannot put them through it.

    They always have and always will come first and I will put their needs ahead of my own if that is at all possible.

    I know I still feel sick at the thoughts of letting him away with this but that will pass.



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