Is It True....

  • Hi Guys

    Is it true that guys tend to me more comfortable around females they are not interested in per say but are more nervous around those they are interested in and thus find them harder being around them?

    Any thoughts?



  • Good morning, Mia1982.

    True, and yet at the same time untrue. I'm certainly comfortable around females that I am not interested in, but at the same time I feel comfortable around those I am interested in because, well, if I've been interested that obviously means you've accepted my nature and are comfortable being around me, which is apparently rare for some reason. Otherwise, I wouldn't be interested because you aren't.

    Really, the big thing about nervousness is being nervous about what is going to happen next, or what they might do, or maybe if they not ready for something to happen and the other might be thinking about it, or maybe something could go wrong and they don't want to lose their chance...

    It really all depends on the guy in question, but yes it can make it harder to be around someone... I think to much, but I will just say here 'There are a lot of factors'.

    So now... why are you interested in knowing? ^_^



  • Hey O'cain

    Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    Well the reason I ask is that there is a guy I have taken a shine to at work. I have a feeling he is interested but not 101% sure. He seems comfortable with others.

    I guess I myself am nervous when I do talk to him and so forth :P.

  • Today the guy in question told me he thought I was avoiding him yesterday when I stopped by his office at work to say hi this morning. Some other sign he is interested?

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