Anybody can do me a reading?!

  • Willing to pay, need help with a situation im having!

  • Advice is free here. What is the situation you need help with?

  • Hi 87Anina, I am going to leave the past out and look at the present as it seems major right now. Your facing a major choice right now. The choice is to do the right thing because what you decide at this point will have a major effect later. You have the Star above you which is good. Your making big plans. Make sure they're within reason. A stalemate will not work in this. You'll need a cool head to solve this. Ask yourself what you can do to improve or enjoy life more. You have had unforseen expenses. Be careful with money. I read into this that a lot of this was brought on by you, maybe you didn't stop the landslide.

    Don't build a loyalty to anything that enslaves you/dependencies/sex etc. The cards are making quite a bold statement here. Self-examination. Get rid of users. Don't escape emotional issues.

    If you can handle all this, your future looks quite bright. Things seem to be turning around. In future looks like may get help from someone, possibly significant. Or will turn your life in good direction. I drew the Emperor right after the Devil. The final outcome is The Wheel of Fortune.

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