What shall I do?I would like some advice, thanks your help in advance...

  • Hi!

    I would like to get some more advice so that I know what is the best way relating to the relationship between my love and me, and I would like to know what is the best way to approach getting a raise.

    Our story in a little nutshell:

    We dated for 7 months in 2007, and loved each others, enjoyed to travel to new places, then we parted mainly because of my fault. (His Sun is in Virgo, my sun is in Saggittarius.)

    Now, in 2009 we have begun to date again- but before beginning dating, we were corresponding with each others for 3 months.From his letters I knew he could not forget me, still needs me, loves me, and curious of me, and can imagine to create a deep relationship with me, but he also told me that he is not ready enough for falling love because he has to work very hard and do not have enough time for dating .... I also feel very pationate about him.

    After our last date, he sent 3 sms telling how he enjoyed being with me, and then he offered to meet me again this week. Well, he has not called me after this, although he told me that he wants to keep in touch. I do not know why is this "pause", and what shall I do?

    Last week, only one day before our date /meeting/, I made the 5-card tarot karmic situation reading relating whet was happening to the relationship between me and my love, and

    the spread was:

    Karmic Energy: The Star

    Karmic Roots: Three of Coins

    Opportunites:King of Wands

    Karmic Potentials: Seven of Swords

    Karmic Lesson: Seven of Coins

    According to this /1st/ spread, we have tasks with each others, and I suppose that is why we began to date again.

    Well, today I made the romantic relationship bottom line reading(5 -card ) , and asked :

    what is the best way relating to my love now? What is the best way to approach getting a raise?

    My spread was:

    Self:The Sun

    Significant Other: The High Priestess

    Situation: Two Of Swords

    Advice: King of Coins

    Potential:Queen of Cups

    I can not entirely understand the message of this spread. What shall I do to make our relationship become deeper?

    It seems as if he needed some time to think about our relationship and find new goals, and meaning, that is why at this moment I wait for his sms, call, or email.Shall I do something else?

    Thenks for your help in advance...

  • Of the top of my head I do believe he got scared he advanched to far too soon. Mayb he has insecurioty issue regarding the pace of the moving of a relationship with u. Mayb he blames himself 4 pushing u too far the first time around, n by it made u dump him. So with this in mind he may take time to pace down so to say.

    Another explanation is that men when sharing a load of personal stuff get scared they have told too much too soon n is scared they advanched too far too soon.

    In the game of love, both genders r alike, FEARINF TO LOOSE OUT. FEAR OF REJECTION.

    So my best advice is GIVE HIM SPACE N ALLOW HIM TO RECONNECT WHEN HE IS READY. Calls 4 patience, NOT womens strongest suit.

    hope this helps a bit, to know more check ivillage´s section on male beahvior, ask eventually in the ask men section aswell. good luck

  • Well on that last one, you mixed two questions, and that never really helps to get a clear answer.

    I think you need to remember he told you he didn't want to date, because he is trying to focus on his career. To often there is not adeqite time for both, and so often the significant other doesn't understand.

    I think what's going on is a prime example of why he is avoiding a relationship. He told you he didn't have the adequate time to invest in a relationship, and here you are wondering why he hasn't been in touch. He's probably putting things off, because he knows if he can't be as attentive as you need him to be it will cause tension, and why mess it up before it gets started.

    So listen to what he has said about what he needs to do for himself right now, and be patient. If you know how he feels and that he loves you... then don't doubt that. If you pressure him, your doing to him exactly what he's trying to avoid...which is distraction from his work, and emotional entanglements that promote the same distraction.

    If you love him understand that his job is important to him. I can see you are important to him, and so just know when the time is right, and he's finished doing what he's doing, he'll come around... unless you make his life a nightmare while he's trying to see to his goals...

    I hope that helps... :O)

  • Many, many thanks for both of your help! Now, I have a clearer insight in this situation. Yes, I try to give him space and allow to reconnect when he is ready for it, and now I see that it works, it has positive results, as he wrote nice emails, and sent sms -s to me since my last letter.

    And I agree with Bleudawn as well, as now his career and work are the most important things for him, he works a lot and has huge responsibility for special projects- at week-ends he has to work hard as well, regularly - and that is why we can not meet often. Now, I see, I have to accept and understand this situation, and learn to be very patient, and not pressure or force him doing things that he does not have enough time or willingness to do at the moment.

  • Few days ago - as I was curious, and felt an intense need to know more about how I can get a raise in this relationship-

    so I made an 11-card Relationship Celtic Cross reading, the result was:

    Love & Me: 2 of Wands

    Love Situation: The Empress

    Love Challanges: Queen of Wands

    Foundation: King of Coins

    Recent Past: The Emperor

    Higher Power: 6 of Wands

    Near Future: Knight of Swords

    Block and Inhibitions: Page of Wands

    Significatnt Other: 6 of Cups

    Advice: Ten of Wands

    Long -Term Potential: Wheel of fortune

    Can anyone please help to understand the cards in the Advice and in Long- term potential positions?

    Actually, I got upset to see the Empress in Love Situation and the Knight of Sword in the near future position, but I was glad to see 6 of Cups in the Significant Other position...

    Thanks for your help, in advance.

  • I'm curious why would the Empress upset you?

  • Somehow I think - but I am not sure - that the Empress in the Love situation indicates, that he is not faithful and he may have a "maistress/somebody else" besides myself...

  • Some days ago, I made a 5 card "Daily Reflection" reading, my question was:

    what is xs (my leve's name) intentions towards me? The result was:

    Situation : 10 of Cups

    Challanges/oppurtunities: Queen of Swords

    Daily Lesson: 5 of Cups

    Advice: 7 of Swords

    Near Future : 6 of Cups

    Can anyone please help me to understand the meaning of Queen of Swords in challanges/oppurtinities, and 7 of Swords in the Advice position?

    Thank you for your nice help, in advance!!

  • I cannot interpret Tarot but.....

    I know you are not pisces but everyone has the ability to tap into their subconscious and ask yourself a question. You are obviously very confused over the situation as you are asking Tarot alot. My partner is a sag and she uses angel cards every day of her life.

    All I want you to do is stop for a moment, sit in a quiet place somewhere,breathe very deeply close you eyes and ask yourself what YOU want from life You are a sag and freedom is life blood to you. You may already know what you want - you just have not been honest with yourself.

    Your question(s) relay what he is doing, saying and feeling but not what you are feeling. Take control of the situation instead of reacting to him and you will feel happier in yourself. Everything else may just fall into place for you then.

    I hope my message comes across as I intended as I know what I want to say but (from experience) it might be a bit waffly for a sag.

  • Thanks for the nice advice! I think I know what I really would like to have in this relationship, but till this moment I have not got it, I am not satisfied ...I was curious what was the reason for it...(is it true that he is so career -oriented these weeks, that he rarely has time for me, or is there some other reason for his neglecting me..)

    Anyway, I am going to think/meditate more about what should I do better for deepening this relationship...It is not simple, I am a Sag with Scorpio Moon, he is a Virgo with Acquarius Moon.....A man with Moon in Acquarius wants much freedom and liberty, and love is a very complicated thing for him, and is afraid of love ..

  • I agree with Piscespiggy, I think you need to think through what you really want, as it seems that your needs are not being met in many directions. Personally I think you may just be "barking up the wrong tree" with this man. Realize that Virgo men find just as much comfort in quietly working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, as they find in any relationship. They do nothing in a hurry or without complete certainty, and even if they take one step forward, they can easily take two steps back again if struck by some "flaw" in any particular path. Are you prepared to wait this man out indefinitely with the possibility that you STILL won't win his heart? If so, prepare to be patient, self-reliant in your solitude while he sorts himself out, and expect to cry a few tears over what appears to be his indifference towards you (because it may indeed be indifference, that's just part of the problem, he's impossible to read).

    You sags are people of action and openess. I struggle to see you being happy with this man long-term based on the struggles you are having now. Think very much about whether you have your eye on the prize so much that you haven't thought through what it would be like if you really get it. Are you familiar with Linda Goodman's book, "Love Signs"? It is a fascinating, in depth look at compatibility between sun signs. If you get a chance have a look at the information about Sag women with Virgo men. She describes this as a "tense" combination, but there are some bright spots. (Too much to write here, so please try to find the book.) Good luck to you!

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