• Would anyone be able to tell me what 2011 has instore for me and if it is going to be a better year for me than the last one? .

    I would be very grateful

    Many thanks in advance Mags

  • Hi Mags, I'll do a Tarot reading. Get back w/you later.

  • Hi Living, The cards indicate, and I read from the cards only, that the past was quite better than the present. I drew as your center card the 10 of swords. So, that indicates to me that you are probably recovering from a drastic situation. You are trying to move-on to a different venture. You have many hopes and dreams for the future. The Lovers is above your current situation which may be helpful. What concerns me is that you have the 5 of coins in your future. I don't know what happened but be careful that it doesn't affect your optimism. Also, be careful as to who you allow into your life. Your future can look very good. Others can be helpful if things are gone about in the "right" way. Be careful that you are not manipulated by anyone. Even people that are close to you. You are quite conservative by nature. I would proceed under your own guide meaning your own intuition. What concerns me is the Lovers above the Situation and later the 5 of Coins appearing. You may come to another crossroads in your future. Handle w/ care and I believe the outcome will succeed.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to do a reading for me just wondering if it is ok to ask a question when you say the lovers and the 5 of coins do you think it has to do with my relationship or financial issues ?

  • I'm guessing here as I try to interpret the cards. I would lean towards financial. The Lovers above the situation can be good. Coins represent financial, material things. The card itself shows 2 people outside the church, so to speak. You seem to have a solid foundation as I drew the Hierophant for you. Use your better judgement, it's crucial right now. That's what I'm reading into this, could you relate to this reading?

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thankyou so much i really appreaciate all youve done i am learning tarot and do have a basic understanding of what the cards mean but as hard as i try i cant seem do them for myself .

    and when you say be careful of being manipulated that is one of my traits i seem to let eveyone walk all over me like a doormat so you are very spot on and with the heirophant i am a taurus .

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