This is for anyone who can tell me anything about this dream

  • Hi everyone,

    I live and work at a senior care home where people have lived and passed away. Lately, I've been having dreams of the ones who have passed. They weren't sad, actually they were happy and made an appearance in my dreams. The recent one I had was of this one lady who didn't walk but used a wheelchair and was fully dependent on people to care for her. This was her second appearance in my dreams, but this time she appeared solo and was walking. In the dream my sister and I were in a room. The door opened and the lady walked in and closed door. I looked at my sister and mouthed the name of the lady to confirm it's her and my sister said yes and we both looked at the lady and then I woke up pretty fast even before anything could happen or be said in the dream. Just wondering if anyone would happen to know why she keeps appearing in my dreams? Any insights and bluntness of "it's nothing" will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Warm regards,


  • Hi MokaQueen,

    I believe they're letting you know they're fine. Myself and several people I know have had loved ones that have passed over come to us in dreams, letting us know they are doing well , they also seem to let you know they have what they need :), and its easier to contact us in our dreams. Love and Light. GJay

  • Thanks for the reply Gjay! If that's why she's visiting my dreams, then it warms my heart to know she's doing fine. ❤

    Warm Regards,


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