Hi Watergirl18!

  • Hi Watergirl18,

    I've asked the cards for a reflection on career and romance. The cards pulled were:

    Queen of cups

    Six of cups

    Eight of Wands

    Seven of Wands

    The Hermit

    Could you tell me your take on this spread. So appreciate it.


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  • Hi Watergirl,

    Oh wow early childhood memories...oh my gosh girl you read right...Since I've been into the spiritual healing and awareness stuff I've been thinking about a part of my childhood that I try to remember but I can't and so I've been piecing stuff of what I can remember of that time and leads me towards like an abuse of someone I was entrusted to by my parents while they were away. Gosh you got that from just this. wow. So this is inner child - my childhood issues that I need to overcome. lol yes my mom issues too. You are right in all departments and its been identified and determined I've just been trying to forgive and over come all the hurt, mistakes and regrets. It's been difficult.

    Yes! Relationship wise I really felt that way at the point of wtf. Oh my gosh yes even with my friends and employers! So I need to temporarily withdraw from introspection and the key to my success is not the pattern of behavior (which actually now I'm aware of -for a bit of time now) but its why I have them? So I should pick and choose who I give to or I should evaluate my boundaries for each department? Hmm.. could you elaborate on this one a bit.

    Thanks watergirl


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  • Hi WG!!

    OMG, I came to re-read your interpretation of the spread I did and its gone 😞 Thought you left.

    Yes have a question. Could you give me your interpretation on these two spreads. Both spread was done on celtic cross and on a benedetti tarot.

    First spread I asked about my career path.

    Center (not shown) = Page of wands

    Center (shown) = Knight of Pentacles

    Top of cross = Five of swords

    Bottom of Cross = Tower

    Card left of the cross = Queen of Wands

    Card right of the cross = King of Pentacles

    Card at the base of the staff = The Hierophant

    Card second from the bottom of the staff = Queen of swords

    Card second from the top of the staff = three cups

    Card at the top of the staff = Justice

    Second spread I asked about marriage:

    Card top left = Three of pentacles

    Card at the top right = Queen of Wands

    Card in the center left = Page of Cups

    Card in the center right = The Chariot

    Card in the lower left = The emperor

    Card in the lower right = Ace of Wands

    Card in the center = Six of Swords

    Glad you're still around.

    Thank you WG 😉

    Hugs TkEmp

  • Hey girl - I will get back to you on this tomorrow, but have a couple of quick questions based on my first glance....(1) does your current career or one you are considering have anything to do with the law?...(2) did you use a specific spread for the marriage question? just need to know if the card positions have specific meanings to them...(3) i am assuming that since you asked about marriage that you are in a relationship with someone?

  • WG!! Yey! Thanks totally appreciate. for question 1- career = No, nothing with the law. The fields are more like the health profession. Question 2 - the spread was celtic cross ... 🙂 girl not really in a relationship I was just asking about the department in a general sense. There are mostly lookers but no takers 😉 hehehe. I haven't been in a "serious" relationship so just wanting to know if marriage is somewhere down the road anywhere. I'm the only single gal amongst circle of married gal pals. Will check back tomorrow 😉 Hugs TkEmp

  • OK, here iswhat I got on your career path:

    It appears that there is something new you would like to do (or you just should be looking to do something new - but I think you already know what it is!) You are holding yourself back right now - at a standstill. Inaction is what is crossing you and your higher self is urging you to get into the fray! Make the commitment to yourself to get started – be clear and serious about your intentions - and then proceed with discipline, patience, perseverance, and with a mind-set of abundance. I believe the cards are suggesting that there is a female business woman or advisor that can help you. You could be joining a group of other women who have the same interest/goal.

    P.S. This IS the right decision for you – go for it and HAVE FUN!

  • OK, with regard to the marraige question...

    First - there aren't enough cards there for a celtic cross, so I just did a general impression on the cards that were pulled.

    Secondly - since, as I suspected :), you are not dating anyone seriously right now I think the better question would be what you need to do or be in order to attract the right man into your life. K?

    In the cards you pulled I see that there is a life lessonand/or inner work that needs to be learned/done first. It involves your childhood experiences/impressions and the resultant beliefs about yourself which explain your behavior patterns with regard to relationship. You must first learn your own value!!! This necessary healing of the past is what MUST take place in order for you to manifest the love you desire. The cards are also showing me that you need to gather your courage and inner strength and get started on this asap! The sooner you start, the sooner you heal, and the sooner you can join the ranks of the "married" amongst your friends 🙂

    Just to be sure, I pulled some angel cards for you and this is the message I got (which confirms the above)...

    Take some time to become complete and whole – there is an indication that your mother issues still need to be resolved first. Stay focused on this and be patient with the process as it takes some time. Try to remain balanced as you may have to face a “dark night of the soul” in order to break through to the other side. Inner reflection to resolve the past is what is needed. As you do this, you will also become more clear on what it is you need and want for the future. Once you heal and truly feel your own self-worth then someone will come along who will see your value (but you must see it first!).

    Take care my dear,


  • WG!

    Woah! “Dark night of the soul” intriguing and intimidating…

    Hmm.. I don’t know of a female business woman/advisor. I have several ideas I wanted to do – am in a standstill. Argh! If only my higher self can give me more hints on what to do.

    Any suggestions or exercises on how to do some inner reflection work?

    Thank you!! I so appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. I’ll keep you posted.


    TkEmp 😉

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