Aries man/Leo lady

  • After 30 years my Aries boyfriend from high school contacted me via facebook. We had great conversations for several months and were getting close again. We decided to meet for the first time in all those years. We saw each other and the love that we had when in high school that had been buried came flooding back into our hearts after spending the morning together. At the time he was unemployed and not able to be in a place where we could build a life together. He went back to work in the summer, but we are 1400 miles from each other and I have a good job that I don't want to give up to go live where he is. Just before Christmas, we had a disagreement and have not talked since then. He said some things I didn't like and I became angry and sent him an email. I have sent apology notes to him, but he is not responding...I've loved him all these years and don't want to let him go. I told him I never want to walk away from him again. Someone please give me some insight. Do I keep trying to contact him or just let him go and hope that he will come around? I know he loves me but pride and stubborness play a big part on both of our parts. HELP

  • What are the exact birthdates?

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