Reading for disabled son David...dob 12/5/1990

  • Can I please get a reading for my son David for 2011...please dont be discourage of giving bad news. i would prefer a frank and straightforward attitude...

    Thank you very much, and be blessed in all that you do.


  • 2011 can be a year of slow but steady progress for David - but he must be willing to put in the hard work and concentration to achieve it. He must really knuckle down to getting better. Previously he has been rather content to be looked after, but now he must help himself rather than letting others do all the work. He must be prepared because, in many ways, it will be a frustrating time when considerable effort fails to produce any dramatic results. But it is a time when positive thinking will be very important and any negativity must be quickly squashed. Progress will definitely be made and rewards will be earned even if 'one step forward and two back' may seem to be the case most of the time. It's vital to keep his motivation up - remind him of the end result when he is struggling. You mustn't coddle him too much - you have to make him do things for himself even if it is tough. It's the only way he will move forward in his recovery. His health and diet should be carefully scrutinized this year, as his physical resistance may be low and he may become more susceptible to ailments.

    Basically for David, 2011 will give back to him as much as he puts in.

  • Captain,

    Thank you so very said a mouthful...and I really appreciate the straightforwardness....

    Be Blessed


  • Hello All ....

    It is now a new birthday year for my boy David ...he's 21yrears old as of December 5th...can you give me reading of him especially from the pic of him on his birthday....the one very close up with him in bed....the other one was taken on Dec 3rd for his birthday gathering.

    Thank you be blessed,


  • In 2012, David moves into a time of major change and opportunities. Any hard work he did in 2011 will pay off now. His horizons will be expanded and growth will be less impeded. This is a year that will bring him a good deal more freedom than he has experienced in recent years. This is a time for him to feel loose and free; for moving away from old routines in a constructive way. It will be the time to seek out new directions. Flexibility is called for so if there are any physiotherapy options, breath therapy, or movement/exercise techniques available, David should begin them. Feelings of restlessness may overtake him. He will want to indulge his five senses so perhaps you can make changes to his room and his environment to include more sensory delights. Remember to allow for miracles, and not to be too attached to each step. Allow the universe to bring him - and you - some wonderful surprises. The overall lesson for 2012 is that with physical, emotional, and mental discipline comes freedom.

  • WOW...THANK YOU CAPTAIN....Im excited just by hearing that news....David did get weaned off the vent in October and Im working on getting speech therapy for him as well..he has a RX script for the speaking valve but the therapist says he wasnt ready last week due to his Oxygen sats...but his next appt is Dec 12th...Im sure that will boy is strong...he lost some weight from getting an infection in his feeding tube site and pneumonia from sept 2-oct 17 by being hospitalized twice in that 2month Im working on his nutrition as well....and I actually see David trying to respond by blinking and lifting his arms slightly when ask...He is trying captain....and im very proud of him for that I tell him often....thank you...I look forward to the new beginnings and where it will take they say and I gotten use to it now...."IT IS WHAT IT IS"...but you know what I believe in CHANGE...thanks again continuously blessed,


  • Hi Captain...

    Happy New Year!

    Im just checking to make sure everything with my son David is still optional.Does everything above that you stated for David for 2012 still remains effective for him. He has a lil surprised looked in his face at times to me....below is a pic from 1/12/12....can you give me any news good or bad that you may think please...David has a pressure wound on his left buttock, he sees a woundcare doctor, I want them to place him in the hyperbaric chamber, do you think its a good idea for him....also can I have a reading to for 2012...thanks...i really wish and hope for great blessings to you for being kind to me with helpful insightful visions

    thank you,

    be blessed,


  • Oh the bottom pic was taken on thur 1/12/12 and the other two on 1/6/2012...befor and after pics of his hair cut

  • I am feeling a growing need in David to acheive better communication with everyone. There are things he wants to tell you and he feels frustrated that he cannot do so. Can you find a way for him to get his message across?

  • Wow...thanks captain...I always thought david was trying to express himself ..when I look in his eyes.....David has a speaking valve and needs training with it ....he only uses it when I visit him..I will try to set up a speech therapist with him again...also he blinks his eyes but it takes awhile for response so I understand if he's frustrated....I pray daily that his speech come through...thank you captain...I will try other avenues..its very hard since David cant write or speak...I ask him questions in his ear or record them on my phone for him to hear( due to privacy..theres none) so I will try some way for him to you by chance know what he wants to say captain...or you cant did answer my quesiton of the info on the top of page ....should I continue to follow thru these therapies for David for 2012 ...Im ready to start....

    thanks again,

    be blessed,


  • I feel he wants to have a bigger say in his care and treatment. So you need to find a way for him to communicate his feelings about the therapies, etc. Even just asking him to blink once for yes and twice for no - or something. He does want to be consulted.

  • Wow thank you captain....Im truly amazed to get this far with David considering everything going on with him...I will be working on that more...thank you very much.


  • Hello ..Hello.. Hello Captain..

    Its been a while...I hope all is well and life has been treating you good.

    As for David good endings and new mention in 2011 that David should go into a breath therapy..since then he as been weaned off the ventilator...he's on room air with oxygen as needed....he breathes sometimes 100% on his own.

    He will be starting therapy programs for physical, occup and speech...its been a struggle getting this to constantly take place..

    Also he has a passy muir again (speaking valve) that he uses daily.

    He graduated from high school getting his diploma as he always wanted and now we're looking for a day program to continue stimulating his brain waves.

    I just wanted to give you an update of his acheivements ...David willpower and strength has gotten stronger....oh did I mention he blinks opposite twice for yes once for no...(my fault, I miss read a while

    as clement and mrs binta (with ban around head)...another with mr clement & myself....

    thank you captain...just wanted to give you an update of our achievements. talk to you soon.

    much love & respect,


  • That's so wonderful to hear - David has certainly got his fighting spirit back and he is so inspirational. How can anyone say they have a tough life when they see what he has come through?

    Is there a young lady he is interested in, maybe in the medical field or around him often? She is interested, too. If she is not in his life at present, then she is very close in the near future.

  • Hi captain...

    Thank you very much for your comments...david has been fighting hard...he makes sounds too like..."ahhhhh"...he's really trying and I have to say to you" Thank you for your insight on therapies and communication notions to try with the blinking he has been doing that fairly well...but practice makes perfect day captain one

    As far as the lady friend.....David is around quite a few female nurses but only one is in his age group( she's 24, david's 21)....she is a residential aide on the weekdays and she does find david attractive, but I will pay close attention at this, because this has a good & bad option , David isnt talking or anything like that yet...and I dont want anyone to take advantage of him, and the other is that she may be a great influence for I will keep my eyes open with this one....thank you very much again. talk to you soon.

    be blessed,


  • Yes, an interested female would do wonders for David's self-esteem. It would be easy for him to think he was unattractive because of his disability. But it is a person's spirit that is their most attractive feature - and David certainly seems to have plenty of that!

  • Hi Captain...

    Lol.....well Im certainly gonna look out for this new flame of interest in his life....I see what you're saying...thanks again.



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