New to All Things Pisces

  • March 2--baby boomer-- Pisces sun, Cap moon, Pisces asc; daughter also Pisces (3/11).

    Fiance is a darling Scorpio man (11/13). [also have Aqua son:2/5--there's an interesting sign!]

    Just so happy to be here!

    ONE more thing: all my life I've been told I'm psychic. I AM NOT. I am, in fact, shockingly unintuitive.

    Ok, ONE MORE thing--now don't get offended fellow fishies. Here's a Pisces joke (not new to anyone, i bet): Q: How many Pisces does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: What light bulb?

    Oh, you know it's true! We Pisces are smelling the roses, composing something in our head, brooding, on another planet and here all at the same time! : )

  • The psychic line must come bc useally pisces is said to be an "Old Soul" who has been around the block more than once. So naturally many think oh u´re psychic too. Its the same with the myth that all black men r large down there. WRONG !!!!!!

    Sorry best idea to comparison on myths n strange ideas.

    B Stoker

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