Blmoon Please.

  • Blmoon I would really Really appreciated your help right now, I don't mean to bother you.

    But i am kinda in a slump at the moment- One that i don't know how to get out of.Plus i fear its going to keep coming and going and specially with the energies here at the moment it's kind of bad. in emotional way's. I feel a little bit lost at the moment not sure what i am looking for even with college and things at home and with healing myself which is easier said than done, its a little mad right now. Plus i am not sure who else to ask if its not you as there is not really anyone here i can talk too who will understand and as i know you're one of the best and i love your insights they kind of make you feel comforting even when you add in the bad stuff with the good stuff.

    I would like 2011 to be better than last year but sometimes i get one step forward and three steps back. Its taking so long to move forward and it feels like i haven't really gained much apart from studying into different things and i could read a thousand articles and watch a million videos that would help me get me to were i want to be, and still feel like i have not accomplished anything. I am sure you've had a lot of day's like this but for me i think i have had enough of it. It goes down too deep to. and the counselor i am seeing isn't relatively helpful as i am the only one doing the talking- i know its not been long but i still feel kind of like nothings going to get solved.

    Your insight and Words will surely help me if your able too. If you feel its too much for you or you're too busy at least let me know with words id be so grateful.

    Love and Light and many Blessings Bee Xx

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  • Blmoon- I hope to hear from you soon. I also would like you're advice on a relationship issue the one i talked to you about before, seems to still be going on for some reason.

    Well i have found out a lot but there is still stuff that i dont understand. and you maybe the only one to help me with that. If you wish too of course.

    Love and light Bee Xx

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