Capircorn going through transit and lovers card

  • I am a capircorn who will begin my transit in Febuary. I met another capircorn male on November 7, 2010. Which we had great conversations for 3 weeks. Then we met it felt like I had known him all my life. Then communication came to a slow down. Now none at all. I have a strong feeling he is my soul mate.I came across something significant reading about November 7th 2010 for capircorns. If anyone knows what in talking about please respond. I have been going through weird things the whole month of December up until now. Things seem to be calming down a tad not much. The lovers card is a very hard experience to go through. I say when all this is over I think I can write a book on this whole situation which has been unique but stressful. If someone who has ever dealt with the lovers card, or a transit I would like to talk to you about my experiences.

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