Are we meant to be together?

  • i need to know if he is the one should i meet him am i doing the right thing please i need some answers.

  • You'll have to give more details than that.

  • my d.o.b is 14.05.1983 his d.o.b is 23.09.81 he lives in tunisia i feel i love him very much he says he loves me we want to meet each other i would have to go there to meet him i need to know if im doing the right thing is he the one i should be with.

  • i forgot to tell u my name its Danielle West birth name Daniella-Ann McGhee born in Greenock scotland i'm not sure what time i was born now live in Aberdeen scotland. Any advice or help u can give me i would be very grateful thank you

  • This is a highly imaginative relationship which is apt to be concerned with the pursuit of beauty and sensuousness. The danger is that living in a pleasurable and fantastic world will become overly intoxicating, making the two of you submit to dominance from each other, or from anything - like drugs, sex, fantasy, or music - designed to prolong pleasure and fuel highs. Addictions here can get out of hand and with them the ability to keep in touch with daily reality. Giving yourselves over to your pursuits, you may risk ignoring the feelings of others (including your parents, children, other friends, teachers, or co-workers) in the all-consuming drive to satisfy ever-increasing needs.

    A love relationship here is difficult as it can be particularly prone to emotional dependency and addiction. Craving only each other, you two may require more and more attention or love, ultimately becoming unable to do without them, and even suffering physical symptoms when they are withdrawn. The theme of beauty is especially characteristic here in love - you two long for it and want to surrender to it. Indeed the relationship requires that you sacrifice your egos on the altar of beauty, whether real or imagined, and whether belonging to you yourselves or to some external source such as art, music, food, or even drug-induced states of intoxication. Your goal here is to merge with such beauty and to leave the world's cares behind. But you may go so far into a languid dream state that you can't find your way back.

    I really feel there is a big danger here for you Danielle, in which you may throw your life away and be lost to all those who love you if you get involved with this person. I feel you are very naive and too trusting in many ways and that you feel this guy will fulfill all your longheld unsatisfied dreams and fantasies, that he is your soulmate. But you may not be aware that this guy has a wild side that he is not always able to control. I definitely feel this relationship will stop both of you from moving ahead and keep you locked in the tight grip of unreality from which you will find it hard to extricate yourself in order to accomplish anything concrete in your lives. Still, your need for freedom may outweigh your need for connection in the end.

    You really need to be sure of what you are doing before you make any decisions that may affect your whole life. People can be very different in real life than they are online. Find out more about this person (and not just from him).

  • Thank you for getting back to me quickly . I understand what you are saying i feel i need to meet him to see if what im feeling is real and not just fantasy i think about it alot and im sure i wanna go to meet him just didnt know if we were meant to be or if he is my future husband and will we be happy together i wouldnt move to tunisia he would move here i know it all sound a bit crazy but i've not felt like this before about any guy if im wrong about him fair enough but until i meet him and see for myself im not gonna know for sure if he is the one for me or not. Thank You again for your help and advice

  • How can it be real if you have not met him in the flesh? All you have at the moment is fantasy because you do not have any confirmation that what he has told you is the truth. You should encourage this man to visit you and not vice versa. Anything could happen to you in Tunisia. That place is in the grip of huge unemployment riots at the moment.

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