The numbers 8 and 9... Meanings???

  • I have had dreams of the numbers 9 and 8.. Also the number 9 keeps popping into my life recently. It all has to do with something big that is going to happen in my life. When a date pops into my head it has a direct impact on me that I find out the day of the date what it is exactly.. Like in 2008 the date December 10 popped into my head and on that day there was a blizzard that impacted me directly.. there were other dates before then. Now the date of June 21 is in my head and I don't know what it represents yet since it has not come.. however it breaks down to the number 9.

    Can anyone tell me what these numbers mean?? I tried to find it on this site but could not.

    Please and thank you,


  • Hi

    I read somewhere before that number 9 can stand for fulfilment or things coming to a certain conclusion. It is quite amazing how you get these dates like this! Maybe you're about to open up a new gift in yourself and 9 in this case would be a completion of a certain stage in your life and beginning of the new one, or a gain of a new perspective.

    It's just my guess, I thought I'd share what I read about the number before.


  • angel hugs


    from DOREEN VIRTUE, Ph.D. , "Angel Numbers"

    8 == Financial abundance is coming to you now.

    9 == Your Divinelife purpose involves the giving of service through your natural talents, passions, and interests.


  • Thank you both so very much! I love the info!! MUAH!!



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