How do I know?

  • I am currently with someone but had a relationship with someone else several years ago I know what my heart wants, we are still in touch and I still love him how do I know which way to go on this I know what my heart wants but my brain has me thinking that I just need to keep doing the responsible thing. In the long run I think that this other person is better for me than the one I am do I know? My birthdate is 11/05/64 his is 03/21/60...the person i am with is 1/14/62

  • my friend is currently going through a similar situation, the advice I gave her is if your with someone that you truly are IN love with the thought of other partners really never cross your mind, fantasy possibly, but to sound as confused as you are I think that even if you didnt end up working things out with your ex , your current relationship isnt grounding you enough so your bound to second guess it repeatedly, even if you decide to let the past stay in the past. Sorry this is a rambled on paragraph lol, im not much for correct format in chat groups. Anyhow, the important thing here is to deal with the current relationship then focus on getting back together with the ex. Dont dump your current one for the other guy and dont forget to why the ex was an ex to begin with. I know that feeling you get when you know your meant to be with someone its orgasmic to say the least but doing the right thing is the hardest thing to do, so go with your gut on this and balance the feeling with logic , but dont keep stringing along the current guy otherwise your just keeping him from finding someone who can give him 100 percent of themselves. Just have faith and know that when one door closes another opens! Hope this helps!

  • According to your astrological profile, the relationship with your former love is really better for friendship. Your old friend needs emotional change in his life whereas you don't need it as much, which can frustrate him and can lead him to roam. Emotions are the tricky sticking point here and are very complex and intense. The deep bond of feelings and sympathy between you may be both mutually rewarding and long lasting, but possessiveness and jealousy can be present too in a love match. This is why friendship brings out the best in both of you. Trouble comes in when intimacy does and a healthy objectivity can go right out the window. An inability to maintain boundaries is present here and more depressive aspects can surface, leading to worry and brooding. Drinking or drugs may then be turned to and addictions can be extremely hard to overcome. Another area of conflict here is that where he is quite impulsive, you like to chew things over for long periods of time before acting. This can result in friction between you, with him always urging you to hurry up and you trying to get your more nervous friend to calm down. Temperamentally you are very different people.

    With your present partner, emotions are also a problem but more a lack of rather than an over-indulgence, as with your old friend. A love affair here can be very physically passionate but often has difficulty reaching a deeper emotional understanding. You both tend to keep your true feelings to yourselves and your relationship may encounter bottlenecks of repression. The crying need is to work through these roadblocks to a freer and easier sort of expression. Sometimes neither of you are fully aware of this and it may take another person to alert you to this problem. Even so, marriage here can be enduring. You are both likely to be faithful and devoted spouses. Open avenues of communication are the key to success here. If you can both strive for greater understanding of each other through sharing yourselves and your feelings more, and don't hammer down any negativity but learn to express it in a calm, non-threatening fashion, then this relationship can be a good one.

  • in my current relationship there is no communication with this individual, seems no matter what i try to say he doesn't listen, also there is alcohol and some drug abuse on his part. everything has to be his way. i don't know i am very very confused and i know very unhappy i dont know what to do. sometimes i just want to run very far away and just be alone, but im so afaid of being alone forever.

  • What do you fear would happen if you are alone forever? What would be the worst for you? You will only experience unhappiness if you just keep people around you for their sheer bodily presence and company. Basically that is what you are getting with your current partner - you want a body in your life more than you want communication and compatibility. Once you get past your fear of being alone (find out the cause and source of your fear - were you left alone a lot as a child?) then you can go on to seek and attract more caring and loving partners.

  • my fear is that no one else will love me. thats bad isn't it.?

  • It's bad if you don't deal with it. Who made you feel like this? Everyone is lovable, even those whose behaviour seems criminal. How could you be so terribly dreadful that no one could love you - it's illogical. Someone in your childhood made you feel unlovable and now it's time to drop this imprinted false belief.

  • i think alot of it is my husband ( the one I am currently with) he used to tell me all the time no would ever love me, no man wants a woman with 3 children that they would just use me. I think thats part of it. dont remember much of my chilhood so can't say about that.

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