Pisces Confusion

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  • Thank you everyone for your advice it hs been very usefull and effective and what all of you have all said has been true PiscesPiggy your advice of what to look out for that may be confusing me was very helpfull, The advice on how to keep my sence of self was very effective and helpfull too like the meditation art and sport i now meditate by looking and focusing on a picture of a huricane taken from a statalite maybe this is effective because there are no other emotions out in space and the hurricane is made up of water and air then if i look ati photo of my self as a baby i can clear out all the influenses that may have effected me,i can also tell when i am confused because my nose blocks up and i become asmatic so when i look at the picture of my self as a baby i can breath freely after i have senced the emotions of myself as a baby. GreeneyedGirl97 your description of a picesans sensetivity was very accurate and was laser accurate and hit the bullseye like Robbin Hood splittling an arrow in half with his arrow on the bullseye lol, your description was perfect summary of exactly what i experience and am elated and amazed by it lol your awsome. I shjowed it to my mum (who is slightly wary of astrology but beleives chineas astrology) so she could understand what i am experiencing ad she belives it and is also impressed by what you said about us being eachothers guies which i beleive too and its verry True. she says your a sensible person. which must be true. you advice was good too i know that when i go swimming it feels asif the emotions that im sensing disolve into the water and i am truely myself im sure basal breathing that comes with swimming helps with the feeling of having my sence of self and im going to try the locking my self in the bathroom with candles and lavender and salt after a longdays workout doing sports and dissolve lol Doing art sports playing music and dancing and singing are all usefull outlets i Also find that watching Dragon Ball a Japanese Animie/Manga Helps I think its because Traditional Japanese Customs are probably well rooted in astrology and Feng Sui and there amazing and maybe because Japan is the country asosiated with Cancer our most compatible sign and thank you again : ) ... ...

    EmaginPeace your short and sweet Paragraph of advice is absolutaly true I have now stoped the enles frlow of selftalk now that i think about it and i will find stillness in the midst of caos onceagain whenever i haveto if ever because i have done manytimes before I became confused Thank you.

    I'd Also like to thank the Astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Lawyer and Admin For all of the amenities that are available on this website and the Horrorscopes

    Love, Bless And Peace, Peace and Take care to everyone

    69 777

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