Would like advice from/about scopio men

  • I have known this guy for almost a year. He was in a relationship then and when he disappeared for a bit but he has popped up single and i think he is interested in me! As you can guess from my name i'm an aquarius and i am not afraid of dating outside the recommended signs (though right now it's not quite dating). But i would love to have advice on how scorps are and what to watch for and how to avoid the stuff i could actually see coming. And if there is anything sign wise i can use to my advantage to help something deep develop.

    Thank you very much for your reply's!

  • Their's so much depth in a scorpio man...but in my experience youll uncover nothing and only end up staring into a big black hole

  • Im currently dating a scorpio guy for the first time ever and all i can really say is soo far i agree with this other girl.. men of mystery.. but i think thats what probablly what i found attractive about him. he also seems to have difficulty being vulnerable or accepting kindness or happiness.. i really sucks that every time were getting along great he has to sabotage it. i wouldnt deal with it except for the fact that i think hes my sexual soulmate soo it kinda compensates but the hurt that he causes me when he disregards me is difficult to justify.. he makes me feel amazing just to take it away from me.. its like helpless pleasure, always sometimes..

  • Thank you for replying!

    Yes there is a bit more to this guy then meets the eye and there is a bit of a distance issue so i am having to work though that as well. I have heard a lot about how scorpios can be pinching with their claws yet passionate as heck. I do understand that Sun is just one of the big indicators too however there are some broad generalization. In fact the way some books talk about them they seem like you're supposed to avoid them like the plague. But i can't give in to generalizations intill i have proof backing it up. But for instance one that is true is best way to turn an aquarius on (or off for that matter) (form my point of view) is with the mind/personality. I can be detached emotionally at times then again i let certain stuff get to me to much (moon in cancr). So again i think the stars have an influence.

    I can see the vulnerability issue a little though already. And i can see that possibility of searching for something that isn't there a little too. However i really do want to see where this goes and i am praying for some miracles to happen so we can at least get in the same room soon.

    Good news is apparently out chinese signs have a good chance at happiness and long term prospects!

    Please anyone keep the advice flowing i welcome many points of view. Thank you!

  • To Aquagirlleorising, I was with a Scorpio man for 12years. They are full of lies& deceite. Every Scorpio friend I have ever had has cheated on their spouse. I rarely hang out with them because they are fake ,dishonest people.

  • I have to say my experiences with Scorps has been very different...I have dated 4 of them...one I am with now...

    This is why I dont think its fair to judge someone by their sign..

    It has to do with how they were raised..their childhood etc...yes..their sign(s) affect them too..for they determine how they react to their environment and such...but does not define them.

    All of the ones I dated were very loyal...my Mom's husband and my brothers GF are scorps too..they are very loyal too.

    There are certain things that will drive men away...I am talking about healthy-minded men..and they are the same things for all the signs....heres a short list of things that drive men away:

    -needy clingy or dependant women

    • women with no dignity or self respect

    -insecure self-conscious women

    -women with no life or friends of their own

    -women who cater to their every need

    -women who want to move too fast into something serious

    -predictable boring women

    I have 3 brothers who I am very close to so I know a few things from them and from my personal experience in relationships.

    Just be you...

    I will tell you Scorpio men really seem to like Happy, radiant, confident women. They have some darkness to them..so that light you have is something they long for..I believe. Keep some mystery about yourself...they like to investigate..but then again most men do.

    BUT...be very aware of your words with scorps...they are listening to every word u say...and dissecting them...they are dissecting u. They really have a hard time forgiving...I know this more than anything... As much as you dont want them to think you will stick around for any kind of behavior from them...they do want to somehow feel safe with you....so if you hurt or betray them in some way to make them feel unsafe with u...they will not come back...

    Have alot of self control and dignity with these guys...a woman who is respectable is very appealing to them.

    Let him chase you..they like the thrill of the hunt...chasing these guys will not work. period.

  • Well pretty clear your gonna get strongly cautioned from those who've had bad experiences. Do not expect much. My Scorpio was nothing but disappointing...still is. He's my daughters father does not choose to have a relationship w/ her. Outta site outta mind. Very passive aggressive manipulitive and very "charming". Woman like him immidiately and then are dooped. Chameleon like will say what he thinks one wants to hear full of transparent "promises" "lies" that never transpire and above al very selfish. So altho I would like to believe all beings are in their heart of hearts good there are some I'm sure who are evolved.I'd steer away from Scorpip and Cancer particularly unless ya want to be frustrated and disappointed. But I'm speaking of my experience and what pushes my buttons could gently flow right off ya. The "mystery men" are frustrating. For me the truth is there's nothing much there it isn't "deep" it's an illusion.

  • One more thing...

    That " staring into a big black hole" comment I can relate to..but in my experience..you can get under their skin...but first they gotta love u...or like u ALOT...

    The only way I found to do this is to be courageous as bare a little bit of your soul to them..of course u must do this in a self-controlled manner (they dont seem to like sloppy displays of emotion)....DO NOT (in an obvious way)...try to probe them..just dont....u have to give a little first....Dont demand answers...they WONT budge..

    Here is what I mean: Lets say u want to learn more about your Scorp man..instead of questioning him...start a conversation...about YOURSELF...about your experiences, your life etc...he will open up to you about his as well...slowly though of course...let it be natural...

    This is my experience with all 4 of my Scorps...I messed up with the last one before the one I am with now (I know I am like a Scorpio magnet lol)...........I couldnt communicate my feelings to him..just the feelings that involved him ...which led to a big blow up from me..but I realized after that I soo could have...all the nights we stayed up talking all night...but that also was his problem...they arent all like that

  • Some pretty interesting stuff, that is pretty decent advice in general there Silana about what men like in a gal.

    Funny now that you mention it he always seems to ask the questions. If i ask one i get a short answer as in almost yes or no. I have been known to go off on tangents when talking about my life but then again i feel like i'm kinda boring too. lol I am a little more of of the listening type but i'll try to shift it a little.

    Truth is though i really hate games in the love department. I mean wouldn't it be just that much easier if everyone came with a blinking link over their heads? lol Little Mystery is good but so is feeling safe and loved with someone and having a mutual trust. I'd rather explore the mysteries of life with someone and hopefully we'd learn about each other that way. maybe i'm a bit of an idealist.

    For the record I have a very trustworthy and kind (gives you the shirt of her back if you needed it) scorp female friend so i know there has to be a nice scorpr male out there somewhere too.

    Will try and keep ya'll updated. Thanks again!

  • Dear Aquagirlleorisinf,

    I was married to a Scorpio male for twenty years. Unfortunately our relationship ended when he developed surgical complications. It crushed my heart when I had to let go.

    The advice I can give you is that a Scorpio male needs alot of trust and understanding from the other party. It takes alot of time for a Scorpio male to trust the other person.

    I think that is why alot of people say that they play games. Like everyonelse the Scorpios are testing the water to see if the other person is real. It seems to me the Scorpio will not reveal too much because of their intense and sensitive emotions

    But you need to be very careful that you don't lie or cheat on a Scorpio for whatever the reason because they will come back with a vengious behavior. Remember thst is why they have a stinger at the end of their tail and that is why very few zodiac signs can tolerate their sting.

    Think Positive,


  • Dear Rooster5 i am so sorry that you had such a loss. My heartfelt condolences. I can understand the trust needing to be there. I both am willing to trust and yet don't trust many, and at the same time due to my life experiences i guess. Lying to me doesn't bring out my better side but then my moon is in cancer so i might be mad but i end up hurt and lash out like wounded animal (and people think aquariuses were unemotional robots!). What i mean is i can relate.

    As the song goes when i give my heart i give it completely. I have given it to those that didn't take so well a care of it but it has brought me here, and to this man. Who cliche as it sounds seems a bit different then the rest.

    Thank you so much for replying i greatly appreciate it! Lot of love

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