Destiny 5, Soul Urge 9, Life Path 33

  • All of my numerology numbers seem to go hand in hand with eachother. I don't know how to use them to their best abilities and get the most out of them.

    Destiny number: 5

    Soul Urge: 9

    Inner Dream: 5

    Life path: 33 or 6


    I seem to be on the negative sides of my destiny number and soul urge. Does anyone else have some numbers identical to mine?

    Oh, I've been seeing 3s in dreams lately.

    In one of the dreams, I saw (I was a psychic in the dream) a ring with three diamonds in it. Another woman in the dream saw the same ring but the 3 diamons were gone. What could this symbolize?

  • Hey Reesey um I love the fact you are so young and into these things I really would love to speak with you sometime as it is quite amazing believe it or not that my girlfriend has the same numerology as you in the core numbers and is also a pisces i would ove for yall to connect even though we are ages apart she is 23 my name on facebook is Khamit Byrd e mail is peace and love

  • Cool.

  • No thanks.

  • Thanks, Markie!

    That helped!

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