Watergirl18 or anyone...interpret these cards for me?

  • hi watergirl or whomever responds =D

    could you interpret this tarot card reading layout? I looked up the meanings but i feel like i'm just reading into the cards the way i want to in my head lols. just wanted to know if you or anyone can help me get a better and accurate understanding of this tarot reading. good or bad i want to hear it. bluntness is welcome. lols any help is appreciated.

    thank you in advance!

    Warm Regards,


    this was layout given to me


    [the lovers]_ [the world]

    ______________________________________________________[the sun]

    [temperance][three of wands][four of swords][strength][three of cups]

    ______________________________________________________[page of swords]

    _______________________[justice]_________________________[six of cups]

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