Hanswolfgang I have a quick question, hope you can give me some insight

  • Thank you 🙂

    That is so true .I will try ,for real to not ruin chance and avoid so much people.

    Yes ,i always feel like I have to fight or i will lose something.

  • Doree,

    right, but the second path -- the pathless path -- has a totally different revelation to

    make, a totally different declaration of immense value:

    that you are already it, you have already it. No need to fight for it. There is nowhere

    to go, no need to go.

  • hello hanswolfgang,

    I have some doubts about my love life, right now. What do you see? Will I find the person I am looking for? Thanks for taking the time again to respond. My DOB 01/25/1975, if you need it.

  • chino21,


    What do you see? You are fulfilling yourself your desires, but you cannot enjoy it.

    Will I find the person I am looking for? No.

    Whenever a thing is alive it is changing; only a dead

    thing never changes. Whenever there is change there is

    insecurity. What does change mean? A change means

    moving from the known into the unknown. And the base of

    all insecurity is that you want to cling to the known.

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