• Hi everyone,

    Could you kindly share what you think these cards could mean as someone's true feelings: 3 swords, Moon and 2 swords.

    I would really appreciate any insight as I am trying to learn how to interpret cards for different aspects of life.

    Many many thanks 🙂

  • No matter which way the cards face.. the combo is no good.

    Heartbroken (sad),

    Paranoia (imaginary problems, illusion)

    and Closed off (not willing to face the problems)

    All in a nutshell.. The person is not in a good state of mind. Sounds very depressed.

  • Thank you so much for your answer LoveDetox! I tried to clarify the first card and asked what will the person do about this and it came up with Ace of cups and then will he express his feelings - Star and the result of this on the relationship - Devil. Could you share what you'd think about this?

    Once again, many thanks for your answer! 🙂

  • Ace of cups meaning he will let his guard down and open up. Meaning he feels he can trust you or the person you were asking about.

    The Star represents hope.

    The devil represents unhealthy situation or usury.

    Pretty much... The intentions may be good to begin with but will not end up in a promising way. If your looking for love, this may not be the person to look for it in. I don't know your situation but I suggest to take caution. When the devil comes up in a reading (The way I take it) is it's never a good thing.

    It's more of an ulterior motive from the individual. Just be careful what moves are made and let it not be about lust because that is the way it sounds. Just in my opinion.. Just take things slow and be careful not to rush until you know exactly how this person really feels. Make sure its not going to end up being for the pleasure of usury on you. You will be the one hurt..

  • However if any of the cards are in reverse (upside down) it is a sign to not approach this person.

    In reverse the Ace of Cups represents unrequited love, choosing a lover knowing it will not work, inability to feel joy.

    The Star in reverse represents lost hope, pessimistic thoughts.

    The devil, in reverse or not is not a card to be taken lightly when it shows up in a reading. I would say for your outcome... Stay away from this one for a while if its romance your looking for. Don't pursue this person.

  • Thank you so much LoveDetox! It makes a lot of sense what you're saying! It's really true the way you interpreted it as well!

    Can I ask how long you've been doing tarot for? I am just learning, but am very eager to get better! 🙂 I've been doing it for about half a year now or so.

  • I actually started using tarot at the age of 16-17 years old. I am 32 now so it has been around 16 years.

    I put my deck away for years and actually my very first deck was the Witches Tarot. I gave it away later in life and purchased Rider-Waite.. Both are good. You have to really understand your cards to get your readings accurate.

    I do not always get my readings 100% correct but a majority of the time I am 100% correct in my readings.

    It all depends on your interpretations. What means one thing to you that your cards speak may not be the same as what another interprets.

  • I use the Rider-Waite as well. I had some other mini-deck, but I found it was difficult to read it and it just didn't 'connect' with me.

    Would you say the best way to learn Tarot is by practising?

    There's one thing I keep wondering about. When you have a particular question is it best to lay the cards on it once and leave it, or is it better to re-do the same question after a day or two (because things change, people change their mind, new perspectives might come to power of this time etc)? What do you find provides a more accurate result of the two?

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • I will have to get back with you tomorrow darlin. I need to head to bed. I just finished some school work and it's getting late for me. I have to be into work in about 9 hours from now and I get up in 7 of them to get ready. I promise to come back tomorrow and answer this all best I am able. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

  • Thanks so much for letting me know 🙂 Hope you had a good day! I'll be looking forward to your reply, LoveDetox! All the very best to you!

  • Question:

    Would you say the best way to learn Tarot is by practising?


    As the saying goes.. "Practice does make perfect", Yes, you must practice and get a feel for your cards. That is the only way you will know them.


    There's one thing I keep wondering about. When you have a particular question is it best to lay the cards on it once and leave it, or is it better to re-do the same question after a day or two (because things change, people change their mind, new perspectives might come to power of this time etc)? What do you find provides a more accurate result of the two?


    I do many readings a day with my tarot on what other's feelings are toward me. They do change and sometimes the same card will show up in the exact same place and position if asked within a minute later.

    On a personal level.. I shovel my deck for each question I ask. I split the deck then shuffle when I am changing questions about certain people.

    Example: How does "So and so" feel about me right now?

    Then if I want a relationship scenario with that person and myself, I will split my deck (asking the question with the picture of that person in my head) and re-shuffle the deck then lay out the cards.

    The questions I ask my cards will vary.. When I ask about me and another (even if I have already read on them before on their feelings for me but then change my question scenario), the question I Usually phrase is "Show me "so and so" and my relationship.

    This is how I practice Tarot. As I am sure, each person is different on the way they read their cards and how they shuffle them. My readings are usually right on target with my interpretations. However, I do not always interpret them completely correct.

    Example: Before my little brother took his life, I had asked the cards to show me my brother. The last card that came up was the "Death" card. I did not at the time realize that this was an actual death of my brother coming. Same goes for my sister in law who was murdered back in August. I did not interpret the cards correctly.

    I usually take death as an end or renewal.. Not a physical death. However now I sometimes wonder if what I am reading is completely correct when that card shows up.

    It all depends on the reader and yes we can be wrong.

  • lol, I just realized I placed "shovel" instead of "shuffle" - sorry.

  • Thanks so much for this, LoveDetox! I do quite a lot of readings on what people feel about me too..Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether this is something you would like the person to feel towards you or whether they do feel this to you. You know?

    Like I keep getting Ace of Cups in readings for this guy and it could be just general happiness, or beginning of something new or it could be that he has some loving feelings to me..I guess that's where practise comes in handy! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing how you're doing the tarot. Sometimes I do not re-shuffle if I'm asking a different question but for the same person. I'm not sure if it's influences the results in any bad way at all..

    Another interesting thing I found about tarot (as I'm just getting into all of this), I find that it doesn't really say anything about the intensity of emotions. Like sometimes I might pull out 9 of swords for myself and I would feel reeeaaalllyyy depressed and sometimes it might just be a tiny little thing that I wouldn't even notice. So when you do a reading for someone else it can be confusing whether they're depressed or just got up in a bad mood, you know? Do you have any techniques on how to distingish this? 🙂

  • I used to have the same problem of believing the reading of feelings belonged to me, however I then have realized over time that they were not actually mine but another's (Whom i was reading on) because of the difference in feelings toward that person at that moment.

    I'm not going to say that your feelings cannot affect the reading but I do not believe they really do.

  • I sometimes have difficulty relating to the feelings I read for myself..it's interesting, I didn't think that it could be the feelings of the other person instead!

    When you do a reading for the feelings do you use any special spread? I just draw three-four cards. Do you know any good spread to use for the feelings questions?

  • I use the Celtic Cross for most of my readings (11 cards). Sometimes I create a 5 point reading (The star, 5 cards).. sometimes I do a past present future reading (3 cards) and on occasion I create my own spread.

    The Celtic cross and past, present, future are easier for me to remember.. that is why I use them. I am sure there are many ways to do readings I have just never researched them too much because it is not a major concern of mine to learn different spreads. If your comfortable in the way that you do your spreads then continue them that way. Everyone is different.

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    Which thread sweets? I clicked on your username and there are quite a few.

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