Lucky they mean anything?

  • my lucky numbers have always been 3 and 7..and i was also born on 3/7. also, me and my ex's anniversary is on the 22nd. 22 is also a good number..duce now thats my 3rd lucky number..well here is the thing i am always seeing the numbers 7 and 22 together..this all may seem silly but im just curious if anyone else sees a meaning. this first time i noticed this i was looking on my myspace page and the 1st comment her left me was at 7:22 p.m. the first time we talked on the phone after our break up was 7 min 22 seconds..i just happened to look down at the call time! 8-10 times i look at the clock it has the number 22 in it..and a lot of times it's 7:22! i see the numbers everywhere on tv..i saw it in a magazine a few weeks had a thing about gas prices rising and it had the price for gas $7.22. also i woke up a t 7:00 am on the dot the other day..went back to bed and woke up at 12:22 on the dot. i was telling my friend about this and he got the chills and told me how to get the number pie (3.14 the perfect #) you have to divide 22 by 7. there are a lot of other examples but i cant remember them this just coincidence or maybe does this mean something?

  • This sort of thing happens from time to time and you have become aware of it and are therefore probably paying it more attention than you might otherwise have done.

    I do believe in some numbers being present in our lives, in my case it is 9 and 5. There are many relatives in my family whose dob etc all total 7 and three relatives who shared the 5th with me and they are five months apart exactly., Three other relatives on the 23 totalling 5 with the same number of years seperating them.

    One thing I certainly would not do is worry about it......enjoy and take notes.

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