GRRRR!! HELP!! Please,

  • So today is a crappy day for far and I just want to give up!! What is my problem? I just dont get life sometimes and feel like everyone is seeking revenge on me!! I try and try and try again to be nice and decent and I just cant do it anymore.. Why me?! I am so angry right now and just want to give up on life all together..

  • ps I wanted to add that it seems as though you are too caught up in issues with everyone else. I found this to be true in my life when I allowed work drama to affect me AND come home with me. I don't like drama but it seemed to follow me, because people find me trusting and confide in me. My solution was different jobs. I am friendly but a bit detached personally and it is working out great. I make less money but I am SO much happier it isn't funny. And that has carried over into every aspect of my life.

    IIRC you quit your job recently? If so, consider a new job as a fresh slate and think about the boundaries you need to set to make it a happy place for you. 🙂

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  • Hi jenna,

    Well g/'s time to unload!!


    What in particular is your greatest concern right now? Let's deal with 1 thing at a time...

    I was feeling as you do I just didn't know when to say when on putting everyone else ahead of I'm broke and resenting

    And I did it to myself!

    Finding balance when we want to give it all and yet not ready to completely let go can be a trial.

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