Dream?! What does it mean?

  • Dream symbolism has universal aspects, but often the meanings of individual elements are quite personal. I would start by asking yourself, what do babies and water mean to you specifically?How do you feel about them? Some universal-symbolism possibilities: other than the actual pregnancy interpretation, babies often symbolize some sort of new beginning or new project in your life, or they may represent your own innocence. Water is generally a representation of our emotions, so the fact that you are in it suggests to me that this is something you feel emotional about (the state of the water may give you more clues as to the nature of those feelings--is it shallow? deep? turbulent? calm? etc.). The fact that someone is trying to take the baby from you makes me wonder if someone in your waking world is challenging your right to a fresh start or a change in your life, or, alternatively, trying to steal your innocence. I'd be curious to know if any of these seem applicable. Try some online dream dictionaries for more possibilities! all best wishes, gd

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