Is this what I think it is, have I met my soul mate?

  • I recently met a man and we instantly connected. There is something magical about how we feel together. We are both completely smitten and I'm curious what the stars have to say about our union. I appreciate any assistance, thank you 🙂

    me: 12/25/79 (5:30pm, -8)

    him: 8/2/84

  • Im not a numerologist...just interested in how numbers seems to fit together in my own circumstance.

    Just a glance sees alot of conicidental matching...

    2 is common,

    79 has the 8 to complete the sequence is his numbers

    79 is 5 less than 84, 5 showing up

    the 5+2+1=8...the sum appearing twice in the 2 twos,

    and twice the sum appears in the numeral 8

    12-8 =4...4 appears in the equation

    The total sum of 12 appears several times in both numbers

    I think it has very good possibilities

    just my gut feeling

  • Thank you for your fast response 🙂 I'm glad to see (and it's not as easy for me to see these things as I'm not very good at math!) that numerically there are harmonious aspects. I am very excited to see, if someone is able/willing to pull our charts and compare/interpret, etc 🙂 what the stars have to say. 🙂 Thank you again patchlove 🙂

  • Thank you soulfirepoet. If you have poetry to share, I'd love to read some.

    I hope someone shares more with you on their vision of your question, and I wish you the best.


  • Thank you again patchlove 🙂 I actually looked up some information myself but I figure I would probably learn just enough to think I know something where are so many other factors I didn't consider. I looked up composite charts, aspects, houses, etc and various other websites (astrological "scoring" so to speak) etc etc. So far from what I've seen it appears that astrologically we are a good match but, I know very very little on this subject. I'm not even sure why it means so much to me, I guess there's a part of me that wants confirmation because I'm falling so fast my head, heart and soul are spinning. My gut tells me not to question this, that it is the right thing, that he is "the one" (though I find that term a little cheesy and clique). I guess time will tell.

  • Is anyone willing to do a compatibility reading????

  • Hi Soulfire,

    I believe that when we begin to search for the deeper connections in a relationship it is a sign that we are ready learn of the great harmony and blessings that are possible in this lifetime.

    Your intuition is telling you to relax, that there is something inside of this individual that harmonizes with your spirit.

    You are wise to be cautious. Take time to observe what is happening to you as you venture forth, as well as what is happening to him. Is he on the journey with you, willing to explore, to give emotional and spiritual feedback? Listen carefully to what you hear. You will be guided if you ask for all things to be revealed.

    God Bless.

  • Patchlove- Thank you again, you are very wise and insightful and I appreciate your feedback. I agree, that I'm ready to become in tune with the greater harmony of the universe, it took longer than I thought it might but I know this is right. I met Tim and it's like we're dancing this beautiful symphony of love and happiness. We are even finishing each other's sentences and reading each other's minds (I'm not kidding!). Things are amazing between us, and I agree with what you are saying that we are harmonizing our spirits. I feel so fulfilled, in love and loved. I do not question this because it is not a thing to be questioned. Only the broken part of me that has been hurt asks questions but I think a slight dose of caution is a good thing. We are taking things slow, we're not rushing off to the altar or moving in together, we are just enjoying being together, knowing each other and delighting in the union of our heart and souls. As to your question we are on the journey together, I feel him echoing back to me and it's like love is continually reverberating between us we are both infused with it. We feel that our love will stand the test of time, and of course only time will tell but, in my heart and soul somehow, I know this.

    Thank you again 🙂

  • Hi soul. How are you and Tim doing? I have a son Tim 🙂 He's a wonderful human being.

    One can be cautious with eyes wide open, with heart open to truth, for in the openess of truth one sees what is not.

    Please keep us posted on how you are doing, in all respects.

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