• Hi, I have seen a few strange things around my house lately but recently I have seen to really strange things which I jus can't explain.

    1- A giant bubble like image floating along my ceiling my dog also seen this and she wouldn't stop barking.

    2- I was lying in bed and happened to look at my ceiling there was thing white frosty coloured thing 'growing' downwards from it, i wanted to take a closer look so i stood underneath it and it continued to 'grow' I shouted for my mam but as soon as she stepped into my room it dissapeared.

    What could these be?

  • Hi kirstie,

    we all have a sixth sense as such, most people dont realise or use it, it may come in the form of the abilty to feel what someone elses is feeling, that is called being an empath, it may be mentally hearing someone else or other beings or spirits that or on a diffirent plane of existence than our own, that is called being clairaudiant, ~seeing coloured balls of lights etc is also one of the psychic abilities, it can be quite an adjustment getting used to seeing these things especially when we are taught in some realms of society its not for real, n not the done thing,

    To take it from a science point of view, all things are made up of matter that vibrates at certain frequencys - like when you switch channels on a radio or tv, some things are more solid that others - lead is more solid than water! anyway- anyway humans also vibrate at certain frequencies, we can change ours to a certain degree, - meditation etc, - that coloured ball of light was a ball of energy ( some see their angels, guides etc that way) that vibrates at such a high frequency that not many people have the ability to tune into them - you seem to have developed the ability to

    My stepdad, ( he was an engineer for nasa n didnt really believe in anything he could not see himself !) explained it to me when i was a kid also seeing things n scary silly about it, in a way i could understand n be okay with, maybe it might help u.

    Imagine all beings and people are divided into groups - radios that just recieve, most have never been tuned in to listen to anything, some are transmitters who just send out and we cant see them, then there is another group that is a radio/transmitter all in one than fine tune into certain frequencies and because its so delicate and specialised there is such a variety of people that are transmitter/recievers - maybe you are one of them.

    the sciences of elecrticity, magnetism, atomic physics etc are proof that something does not haveto be solid to exist! ( actually their atoms vibrate at such a high level we cannot see it with t he human eye, or something like that!).

    If you have time to read some of the comments made by some of the amazing people in the forums on this website, it will teach you alot, especially the pyschic and divination.( your question is more in their line)

    I am only a baby in this, myself ( about 35yrs) and also learning something new every day, just knowing things also might happen.

    If you are not happy with what is happening you and it is upsetting you, thats okay too, you can tell them to leave and they will go away , the choice is entirely up to you.

    Hope this helps you and will try to answer any other questions you have.

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