• I'm on a diet now, after I lose the weight I'll quit smoking, just read that we are all in like a hibernation stage and things are going start jumping in March. I posted somethng about webs again, trying to remember where it was, my brain is fried too!

  • My brained is fried tonight...I read this thread Captain posted about what readers where out there still and what they did. After the encouragement, I have received from you and others I posted to offer readings. I am really kind of nervous because I've not really done this much so far. When you don't use your gifts consistently, you tire easily from readings and I am kind of slow... Talk to you later/


  • Yeah, you have to protect yourself you will be drained.

  • I'm trying to use Boji stones to help clear the energy between readings. Definitely going to have to do a better job on the protecting myself though as I am still drained after so few. I am getting better at releasing energy between readings but I can only handle so few at a time. I ended up with over 30 reading requests in 2 days before a few wonderful people stepped in to help me to continue to reitterate no more reading request. I still have around 25 to do. If you could help Idahogirl with finding older posts. She suspects she is an Adult Indigo I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your help.

  • Okay! Don't do more than you can on any given day, I once waited for a reading for like 3 weeks, oh well, it was worth the wait. I'll look for her.

  • I left her a message, she has not been back.

  • Thanks for trying. I am either got bad food or toxic energy been sick at my stomach since last night....

  • Oh GreyStar I'm so sorry to hear you got sick, I hope it was my reading that made you sick 😞

    I do think the thread disappeared and I cannot understand why... I'm so sorry 😞 all the advice there was so wonderful.

    I hope that you'll get to feeling great in no time, cheers, HD

  • Sorry I meant to say "hope it WASN'T", OMG!

  • I was wondering the same thing, your thread seems to have vanished, i hope you feel better soon,

    Love and light Bee Xx 🙂

  • Hope you feel better, take it easy!

  • Poetic,

    I do. I've been resting since the thread got pulled to think before trying to do that. My daughter has a friend coming over this weekend. Thank you sharing your inspirational posts.


  • 🙂 Have a great weekend, don't know if I'll be able to get on or not. "Blessed Be."

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