• I love what you wrote about the rebirthing, relates to the butterfly- metamorphisis, excuse my bad spelling. 🙂

  • In some ways Poetic555, I think you have found at least one of your gifts and you don't realize it yet. I have had this idea come to mind more than once....not sure what the term would be called exactly but you bring information to the fore front that brings about enlightenment and change in both others and yourself....i think in some way your higher self helps you to pull the right information at the right time and convey that message to others...

    Kind of like knowing that the reason Delbertc recommended the us to wear helps to aide us in connecting to the laylines...whatever energy sites they are and helps with healing the earth. It is somehow tied to 2012...The problem with my foresight is that it comes in bits and pieces like you tend to doubt the validity of it...but it seems to be part of that gift of "knowing" I have that I have never truly understood... Capricorn444 was helping me work through a lot of that as well as your encouragement to trust my insight. Typically, I have not shared the more "spiritual side" of myself to many except really close friends and my I know how strange some of it sounds...

    I hope the insight that comes periodically helps you in your path as well.


  • Also, wearing a crystal will help you with being able to handle that "Mer-Ka-..." energy that is associated with the ascension and 2012... When I re-read that article about Atlantis....I was still very drawn to it for some reason... I know when it came to that part about the person that ended up like a dictator...I felt a distinct loathing for that I must have been firm and against what he stood for and was about even then...

    I've always felt Atlantis was advanced...but that their own advancement kind of came back to bite them somehow....kind of like what is about to happen in 2012 to some degree... The Atlantean and Egyptian past lives are something I need to meditate on further...


  • K, yeah thats on my list too, to get crystals they say you have to keep them cleaned I think and let them sit in the sun, tried some different grounding techniquest this weekend, also have been doing the Sacred Geometry Mandalas, I love them.

    My energy is very weird today. Atlantis is fascinating, we think we are so advanced (humanity).

    If one person gets something out of the info I share as I learn myself then I've done my job, we are all in this thing together. 🙂

  • I am watching a show on cable...have you heard something about 9 deities or 9 aspects of the one deity? apparently this is accross mayan, egyptian and templars? The mayans says something about a dark rift for 3 days...and increased solar activity due where religion, science, math and spirituality converge in perfect alchemy...

    Hopis compare 2012 to the birth process....if you happen to catch something on tv about the mayan prophecy and shift of ages it is definitely very informative.... I watched it an buried bible secrets.... both reminded me of a educAtional or documentary like show. Pryamids seem to work well for me.

    Sounds like spiritual growth and rebirth of the earth. I've been working with my daughter for years trying to teach her to make light in darkness when she gets scared of her bad dreams. I've tried to put in terms she would understand it... this little light of mine.....strange I've always felt it was very important to create light in the darkness...I think it goes back to the dark days...

    Your attachment about negativitgy and positive reminds me of a reading a read beyond good and evil bhy Nietzche...I tend to think that is a higher state.


  • 🙂

  • I think I am beginning to see why this ex was drawn to me. Somehow we have a spiritual connection also.. As I began to use my gifts, I think he was drawn to me for me to help him in some way to aid kind of like I did to help Capricorn444 with someone.. it is the post that Blmoon speaks of where our two paths crossed. This time I think in someway I was meant to take the lead since I am one of the few he would open in this way to and to help start the healing process. Do you happen to know someone who remembers more in the forefront of their memory how to do this? The guidance I have leads me on what to do automatically without remembering the how...with the connection he and I have both spiritually and some kind of connection caused from when we were friends and lovers in the past. His name is Edwin ...I will have to be careful not to let his emotions integrate and effect my own during this healing process and without me taking on his wound during the healing process. Is there someone you could direct me to on this?

    Any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  • let me think about it

  • Thank you Poetic.

  • okay

  • i was thinking of you yesterday, ran accross a channeling from ArchAngel Michael "special protection for empaths. will post it when i find it here. We have a lot in common as far as the Egyptians and Mayan history. Did you know there is an old crystal named Max that is an alien intellegence that speaks to people? I would love to talk to him

  • I did not realize that about the old crystal named Max. That is very fascinating. That protection might help as there are times still that I pick up on so much around me. I am getting better at letting it pass through me instead of integrating it with my own emotions and etc. Sleep seems to be a pretty evasive thing right now for me while I am going through this awakening process. I am fascinated my Egyptian, Mayan, and Atlantis. They are just a few of the areas I am drawn to strongly for some reason. Strange enough, I think I did a paper on something about the Mayans when I was in college..I'll have to find it. I was a religion major with a religious concentration in Japanese Zen Buddhism. I tended to study the Religions of the World as I wanted to understand them better. Strange enough, one of my papers had portions about Enlightenment in it. I hope these posts when I respond on the older ones help bring to light to people that might have missed them like I did until recently.


  • It's funny Greystar the Universe is speaking to us and so many are just not listening, I feel like the "town crier." What I've decided is I will share the info and people who need "it" will get it.

    We as humans tend to look with out for information and guidance but we have to look within, all the secrets are within.

  • The information is going to those that need it at the time they need it. I hope by responding on other posts that newer people also see the posts as well. The Universe is guiding us all towards people, towards knowledge and secrets within. Before internal validation can truly take place, external validation is typically sought.

    When I post on forums where a couple of people did not have responses, I notice no one else responded including the person who posted the forum.. I guess I will just look towards those that I am drawn to assist with or help. There are somethings I see external validation on still and others that I do not. I know I am a bit nervous about where the knowledge of "knowing" comes from as most works but can't seem to be externally validated. Those who bring the message the Universe guides them to can end up being viewed as a "town crierier" or ridiculed so to speak if the people who are the audience are not ready to receive the message. For many, it will be too late by the time the veil is removed and their eyes are opened. As my family always told me, you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink. So is the way with true understanding...

    I hope this helps some.


  • Of course, we are thinking along the same lines, whoever the messages are for will get them, now I've gotten plenty of validation on that. Some people may not be ready yet the Universe reveals only whats neccesary at a given time in our lives and everybody has their own truths, until they learn differently. I'm gonna post a meditation that was done at a Mayan site in Peru, it may resonate with you, I saw it yesterday.

  • Those who are ready to receive gthe message will come. Not all are ready to receive the message yet.

  • i AGREE! 🙂

  • Blue Moon answered you under Blue Moon.

  • Thank you soo much for all of your help Poetic. Captain seems to be helping me try to sort things out on the more love oriented/guy side of things where as what Blmoon mentioned could affect multiple levels. I took your advice to back away to let everything sink in from er...overload... I think it helped... Sometimes you must back away from a problem to obtain a clearer view...and let things sink in.. as well as rebalance.

    Kind of broke down the past three days on stopping smoking though...the stress over the family situation just really got to me. I plan to quit again before I really get started again...


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