Need help identifying relationship problems

  • Hi, I've experienced a number of poor relationships over the past few years (prior to this my romantic relationships had been quite good). I was wondering if anyone can help me identify the cause of this state of affairs. My DOB is May 4, 1980. There is also one relationship in particular that haunts me... I felt it was full of potential, but ended badly. I still see the guy, but the way we interact is always ambiguous. His DOB is October 31, 1981. I wonder what went wrong (I really have no idea) and whether it can be resolved. Thanks 🙂

  • I should add that although I've included a few sub-questions here, my main concern is to identify the core problem that might have resulted in my current inability to foster a good relationship and sustain it. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • According to your astrological profile, there is a strong tendency for you to be attached to low self-worth, TarotTaru. This lifetime calls for you to develop the self-acceptance and self-assurance to step into the spotlight and become the leader that you have the potential to be. You may often feel apart or separate from others, but you must allow your unique vision and sense of self to blossom and avoid the inclination to blend in with the crowd or otherwise keep up the pretense that you are ill-equipped for the role that fate provides you. You can be the central and most authoritative person in your group or community. You just have to have faith in yourself and your abilities and not allow insecurity to be your driving force. Other people pick up on that and treat you as poorly as you regard yourself.

    You are a dynamic and magnetic individual with a deep desire to learn and an equal desire to educate others. The key to your effectiveness in either role however will lie in your willingness to stand up and be counted for your original ideas and viewpoints and to refuse to be intimidated or corrupted by a need for approval. You have the promise of enormous success here and, if you can use your talents of innovation and creativity to communicate abstract ideas in practical terms, then you can win the support and admiration of others far more than trying to be one of the crowd. You do have a deep need to receive love but trying to win the acceptance of others by being just like them will not bring you what you need.

    Your profile also reveals that, when it comes to relationships, you may self-sabotage out of a desire to avoid love and intimacy because you fear it will trap you and keep you from a more independent life in the world where you can be recognised for your achievements. You want to be more than just a housewife or parent, an anonymous nobody. But you can be both free and with someone as long as you speak up when you feel the other person is infringing on your space or demanding too much from you. You may also be overly dependent on your family to some extent.

    With you and this Scorpio guy, it was a bad combo for love. Quick mental communication and intelligence was the focus rather than emotional communication. Empathic bonds are rare in this combination, and you would have probably felt uncomfortable with the kind of intense psychological scrutiny that your friend specializes in. Sympathy and understanding would only have become a feature of the relationship if you both had wanted them. Scorpions have a very dark side that you may be averse to but you may also be fascinated by it to some extent. Physically you probably gelled quite well but the emotions here were just not in synch.

  • This is excellent, thank you so much. I agree that I have issues related to low self-worth, which impacts other areas of my life as well. My work is important to me, so what you're saying about my desire for independence makes sense.

    As for the relationship with the Scorpio guy, I did feel that the emotions were out of synch, as you indicated. However, I wasn't really sure why this was the case, as I really tried to make this relationship work. He still contacts me all the time, and I hope that we might get back together. On his part, he liked me a lot at first, and I find it hard to believe that those feelings have simply vanished. He has had several short relationships since we broke up and always downplays their significance when I talk to him about it. Do you think there is a possibility we could get back together?

    Thanks again, you were spot on with your analysis.

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